What Does It Mean to Vale?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 21, 2022

Vale is defined as a way to express farewell. An example of vale is a word used to say goodbye.

How do you use the word vale?

If someone asks you to go for a beer, vale is an appropriate affirmation. The verb valer means to value something and the value of something is its valor. Spanish people do tend to use the verb valer for various expression. For example, valer is used in the saying “vale la pena” (to be worth it).

How do you respond to vale?

you should respond “vale”. I would respond “ok” “si” “vale”.

Is vale a word?

Yes, vale is in the scrabble dictionary.

What does vale mean after death?

(usually seen in obituaries) Farewell.

What is a synonym for vale?

gorge, gulch, gully. (also gulley), kloof.

What is a vale in England?

Vales are typically, though not universally, broad valleys between areas of higher ground. They may contain one or multiple rivers. Vale of Belvoir (Nottinghamshire / Leicestershire / Lincolnshire)

Why do you say to vale?

It’s used as a way of agreeing or affirming what someone has said. (“We’re meeting at 11am tomorrow, vale?” or “Call me later to organize that.” Vale, I’ll call you.) After a while in Spain you’ll notice that people tend to use it twice in reply (vale, vale) which is endearing!

Where did vale come from?

vale (n.) river-land between two ranges of hills, early 14c., from Old French val “valley, vale” (12c.), from Latin vallem (nominative vallis, valles) “valley” (see valley). Now “little used except in poetry” [Century Dictionary].

Do Latin Americans say vale?

Vale [bah-lay]

A top used expression for Spaniards and in some countries of Latin America, ‘vale’ is used to say ‘okay’, or ‘right’, as when confirming or agreeing with a statement. In fact you will hear this word every single day in Spain.

What does vale mean in Australia?

Vale is the Latin to say farewell. (talk) 07:30, 9 May 2009 (UTC) Agree also with this use. Vale is used commonly in Australia in relation to an obituary.

What does vale mean Latin?

Vale, Latin for farewell in the Latin phrase Ave atque vale.

What is the meaning of Vail in the Bible?

: to lower often as a sign of respect or submission.

How do you pronounce vale at a funeral?

: to lower often as a sign of respect or submission.

Why do we use vale?

“Vale”is Latin for “Goodbye”. VALE means farewell, or goodbye in Latin. In classical Latin, the word is pronounced with the initial V sounding like an English W. In Medieval (or Church Latin), the initial V is pronounced as a V.



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