What Does It Mean to Inspect Something?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 5, 2022

What is a definition of inspect?

Definition of examine

transitive verb 1 : to look critically : to look over. 2 : official inspects the barracks every Friday.

What is another word for inspecting?

Some common synonyms for inspect are examine, scan, and scrutinize. While all of these words mean “to look at or overlook,” to inspect means to examine for errors or flaws.

What does inspect mean in reading?

inspect in American English

inspect carefully; review critically, esp. to identify defects, errors, etc.

When you inspect something closely what do you do?

These words all mean looking closely to make sure everything is correct, in good condition, or acceptable. review to take a close look at something to make sure everything is correct, in good condition, safe, or satisfactory: review your work before you hand it in.

What is inspect in research?

check carefully. Type of: examine, see. observe, check and look closely or inspect. verb. with the aim of verification carefully for correctness.

Has been inspected meaning?

Looking closely at something or someone for information, particularly about its quality or condition: After the crash, both drivers got out and inspected their cars for damage. She held the bill up to the light and examined it carefully. synonyms. check (CHECK)

How do you use inspect in a sentence?

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