What Does Inclined Mean?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 13, 2022

What does it mean to be inclined in something?

Having an opinion on something, but not a strong opinion: He tended to agree with them.

What is an example of an inclined?

Foil. A play slide is another example of inclined planes used in our daily life. One end of the slide is placed close to the ground while the other end is raised and attached to the top of a staircase. The difference in the height of the edges of the plane makes it a ramp or an inclined plane.

How do you use inclined in a sentence?

What does mentally inclined mean?

a state of mind, particularly one that favors one alternative over others. “he had a tendency to give up too easily” Synonyms: predisposition, tendency. Types: show 31 types…

What does inclined believe mean?

Sentence. DEFINITIONS1. Have an opinion but aren’t sure. Many parents tended to believe these reports even though they were not true.

What is an inclined position?

Reclining position means a special position of the chair that allows the child to lean back.

Are stairs inclined planes?

A stair is an incline When you walk up a stair, you are essentially walking up an incline! When you climb a ladder, you must straighten up. But on a stair you can move obliquely: you move vertically, but also horizontally.

How does an inclined plane look like?

Does incline mean up or down?

Something that is inclined – that is, something that deviates from straight horizontal or vertical – can be called a tilt. If you like going uphill and downhill, you like going uphill.

What is the meaning of inclined to each other?

probably or wants to do something: Tom tends to be lazy. Nobody seemed willing to help. artistic, technical, etc.

What is an inclination toward something or someone?

1 : a tendency towards a particular aspect, condition, character or process the clutch tends to slip. 2a : a deviation from true vertical or horizontal : inclination also : the degree of such deviation.

What does incline mean biblically?

transitive verb 1 : cause to stoop or bow : to bow. 2 : influence : his love of books convince him to pursue a literary career.

What is a personal inclination?

a feeling that you want to do something in particular, or the fact that you prefer or are more likely to do something: [ + to infinitive ] My own inclination would be to seek other work.

What does not inclined mean?

1 : having a wish He was not inclined to answer. 2 : have a tendency The door tends to jam. 3 : an inclined surface with a slope.



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