What Does Hoodrat Mean?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 10, 2022

What is a hoodrat?

noun. crested rat (plural crested rats) (slang) person who lives and displays attitudes of inner-city life.

What does rats mean in slang?

(Ræts) US. interjection. Slang. used to indicate disgust, contempt, disappointment, etc.

Where did the term hood rat originate?

hood rat in British English

noun. US slang, pejorative. a young promiscuous woman from an impoverished urban area. origin of the word. C20: from ‘hood; influenced by Mall Rat.

Is rats a swear word?

In many parts of the world the word rat is used as a mild swear word or expletive. There are several possible reasons for this. “Drat” was first used in the early 19th century. It was an abbreviation of ‘od rat’ which was a euphemism meaning god rot.

Why do they call snitches rats?

In 1859, John Camden Hotten’s Slang Dictionary defined a rat as “a sneak, an informer, a defector,” and by the 1950s, this meaning of rat was firmly entrenched in pop culture. In a 1958 LIFE magazine story, a gang member named Gus turns to a gang member named Rat and says, “Because you’re a rat is everything.”

Is snitch a slang word?

Snitch is slang and is defined as stealing or gossiping. An example of a snitch is when a child tells their siblings that they stole the cookies.



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