What Does Germaine Mean?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 13, 2022

1 : be relevant and appropriate at the same time : omit pertinent details that are not relevant to the discussion. 2 obsolete : closely related.

How do you use the word germane?

Something relevant to a situation or idea is connected to it in an important way. … the suppression of a number of documents that were very relevant to the case. Fenton was a good listener and his questions were relevant.

What does germaine mean in court?

German means that the substitute is relevant, appropriate and in a natural and logical sequence to the subject matter of the original legislation. Example 1 Example 2 Example 3.

What is the synonym of germane?

Some common synonyms of germane are applicable, applicable, appropriate, material, relevant and pertinent. While all of these words mean “in relation to or relating to the matter at hand,” “Germanic” may additionally imply suitability or appropriateness for the situation or occasion. a point not relevant to the discussion.

Does the word germane mean?

Closely or significantly related; relevant; relevant: Please keep your statements relevant.

What does non germane mean?

not German (not comparable) not German; irrelevant.

What does germane mean in law?

The word “Germane” is usually defined as “closely related, appropriate, related, or pertinent to“. According to Tilson’s Parliamentary Law and Procedure, the basic principle of Germaneness “lies in the need for orderly legislation.”

What does germane mean in government?

An amendment to the strike is relevant unless it would change the scope of the bill. For example, an amendment affecting an exclusion would not be relevant if it would extend the scope of the bill to a class not already covered.

What does germaine mean in Hebrew?

The meaning of the name Germaine is Sister.

What is germane in Congress?

Clause 7 of Rule XVI, known as the “Germanness Rule”, stands for the simple statement that an amendment must deal with the same subject as the matter being amended. The Germanity Rule was passed by the House of Representatives in 1789 and has remained unchanged since it was last amended in 1822.

What is the best antonym for germane?

Is it germaine to the conversation?

(usually followed by: to) related (to the topic under consideration); similar; relevant: an idea relevant to the conversation.

What is a pugnacious person?

Definition of combative

: having a quarrelsome or argumentative nature : defiant.

How do you spell Germaine?

Germaine-Definition & Bedeutung |

What is the meaning of college germane?

college noun. University, college, institute.

What is the meaning of By Jove?

These gentle oaths are euphemisms, the first for “of Jesus” or “of God” (Jove is another name for Jupiter, the chief Roman god), and the popular variant of cracky for ” of Christ.” Both phrases may become extinct.



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