What Does Forging Numbers Do in Skyrim?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 6, 2022

One of the quests, The Numbers Job, will task you with faking/modifying a random ledger around the world. You need them for that.

What happens if you forge numbers Skyrim?

If you look at the book, you will have the opportunity to “fake numbers”. This option is always available (even if The Numbers Job is idle or you’re looking at the ledger in another store), but it only affects the ledger specified by Delvin. The quest can send you one of 28 possible shops.

How do you complete The Numbers Job in Skyrim?

A workaround is to complete the quest or request a new one from Delvin (reloading from a save before you accepted the quest is probably safest) or on PC use the console command setstage tgrfo 50 to reach the goal.

What is The ledger in Skyrim?

A ledger. Ledgers are items found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They are used in “The Numbers Job” quests in the Thieves Guild, given by Delvin Mallory who resides in the Ragged Flagon.

Where is The ledger in bits and pieces?

The first door opens to a bedroom with a single bed in the northwest corner and an open chest at the foot containing a bundle of Tundra Cotton. There is also a small round table with the ledger on it.

How many Sweep jobs are there in Skyrim?

You must complete five jobs in total, whether from Delvin or Vex, in each hold and complete these special quests to get it back up and running. You must complete the questline and do 5 jobs for Vex or Mallory in each of the “special” towns to get the “special” jobs.

How do you become a full member of the Thieves Guild?

Complete a city’s influence quest

The influence quests can be completed in any order, and completing them will add a new vendor to the Rag Bottle. After completing the third and fourth quests, you will get a new member of the guild.

How do you shill a job in Skyrim?

Go to the Ragged Jar in the Rat Way and talk to Vex. Request a job and she will give the Dragonborn a list of four different types. Select Shill and she will instruct the Dragonborn to place a specific item on a random target’s lot.

What does doing jobs for the Thieves Guild do?

. After completing five small quests in a single town excluding Riften, a special quest will be unlocked which, upon completion, will improve the appearance of both the Ragged Flagon and the Cistern when the Thieves Guild regains its influence in Skyrim.

What are radiant quests in Skyrim?

Radiant quests are any quest that becomes available after completing the main objectives of a quest line. While this includes easy and consistent quests, many of the money and prestige quests are randomized within the guilds.

How do you plant Balmora blue?

Is Raven Rock in Skyrim?

Raven Rock is the main hub in Solstheim, the setting for Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC, and getting there is easier than you might think.

How do you change the ledger in Haelga’s Bunkhouse?

Error. PC 360 PS3 NX PS5 When Delvin receives a number quest to change the ledger in the Bunkhouse, the quest pin will point to the floor or one of the second floor storerooms, not the actual ledger. The actual ledger is in the room behind the front counter, where Haelga often stands during the day.

Where is Sayma in Skyrim?

What time does bits and pieces open?

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