What Does Dominique Mean in Hebrew?

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Meaning. “of the lord“, “belonging to a lord” Other names. related names. Dominic, Dominica, Dominika, Domenica.

What does Dominique mean?

Definition by Dominique

: any US domestic chicken breed with a rose crest, yellow legs and striped plumage.

Is Dominic a Hebrew name?

What culture is the name Dominique?

Dominique name meaning

French and West Indian (mainly Haiti): from French personal name Dominique, from late Latin Dominicus (see Dominick).

What is the difference between Dominic and Dominique?

Dominique is the gender neutral version of Dominic. Dominikus comes from the Latin word “dominus” and means “our Lord” or “belonging to the Lord”.

How old is the name Dominique?

The name first appeared in 1912 and was given to five newborns. It became a popular name in 1985 with a national ranking of #83 and has been registered as a little girl’s name 3,299 times. Dominique became a popular girl name in the District of Columbia in 1985.

When was the name Dominique popular?

Origin and importance of Dominique

unisex option Dominique hit #170 for boys in 1991, perhaps due to the popularity of basketball player Dominique Wilkins. It’s one of the truly gender-neutral baby names right now.

What does Dominic mean in Bible?

Originally from the late Roman Italic name “Dominicus”, its translation means “glorious”, “belonging to God” or “of the Master”.

What is a nickname for Dominic?

Dominic is a pretty strong name for a little guy to carry around, but it can be softened with all sorts of nicknames like Dom and Nicky. There’s also the insanely cute childhood domino if you’re looking for something unexpected. He also has a more mature selection to browse like Nico and Nic.

Is Dominic a rare name?

Dominic was the 99th most popular boy name and the 11053rd most popular girl name. In 2021 there were 3,727 little boys and only 8 little girls named Dominic. 1 in 499 boys and 1 in 222,436 girls born in 2021 will be named Dominic.

How do you say Dominique?

What nationality is the name Dominic?

Dominic is a masculine given name of Latin origin. This name derives from the name Dominicus meaning ‘of the Lord’ and was traditionally given to someone born on a Sunday.

How common is the name domonique?

From 1880 to 2018, the name “Domonique” was recorded 6,954 times in the public SSA database. Using the UN World Population Forecast for 2019, that’s more than enough Domoniques to occupy the country of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon with an estimated population of 6,375.

Is Dominic a girl’s name?

The name Dominic is a boy name of Latin origin, meaning “belonging to the Lord”. Dominic comes from the Latin name Dominicus and is common in the Roman Catholic community.

How do you spell male Dominique?

Dominique is a gender-neutral name of French origin, meaning “of the Lord”. It is a form of the masculine name Dominic, derived from the Latin name Dominicus, meaning “belonging to the Lord”. Dominique is a beautiful biblical name, making it an excellent choice for babies born on Sunday, the “Lord’s Day”.

What is the meaning of the name Immaculata?

In Latin baby names, the name Immaculata means: The Immaculate Conception.



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