What Does Cib Stand For?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 10, 2022

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What does CIB mean?

In short, CiB means Complete In Box. That means the game includes everything that would have been included at retail. An example of an original Nintendo game would be: Game Cart or Disc. Manual.

What does CIB stand for in gaming?

CIB: Complete in box or trolley, instructions (manual), box; an open game with its original components. Clamshell: Plastic game box that can be opened and closed. Code: Refers to a specific code on a game component.

Is CIB a real word?

No, cib is not in the Scrabble dictionary.

What is CIB for Playstation game?

CIB, which means “Complete In Box“, all inclusive.

What is CIB government?

Criminal Police. Police, crime, investigation. Police, crime, investigation. 4.CIB.

What is a loose game?

If you buy a loose game, buy the original cartridge only. No manual, no case, just a refurbished retro classic. This is the most economical option if you want to enjoy all your favorite games.

What’s a loose price?

Lot means that the item does not include the original packaging and/or manual. If the listing contains words like “loose”, “game only”, “disc only” or other similar words in the title or description.

What does CIB mean in construction?

CIB bedeutet Construction Industry Board.



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