What Does Bunk Mean in Slang?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 24, 2022

bunk (uncountable) (slang) bunkum; Pointless talk, nonsense.

What drug is bunk slang for?

Drug slang. A regional street term defined as: (1) fake cocaine, or. (2) crack cocaine.

When did bunk become slang?

“I won’t be speaking to the house,” he confessed, “I will be speaking to Buncombe.” Bunkum has been American English slang for “nonsense” since 1841 (it has been attested as generic for “home district of a US representative” since 1838). Bunk (v.)

What does it mean to bunk with someone?

Bunk with (someone)

To share a room, bed or other sleeping place with another person. You’ll have to sleep with your sister because we couldn’t reserve enough hotel rooms for everyone. They became my best friends after I stayed at camp with them.

Where did the slang term bunk come from?

It is likely that “to do a bunk”, meaning “run away” since about 1870, derives at least in part from “bunk” in the sense of “nonsense”, particularly in an extended use of “bunk” in the sense of “trick, dishonesty”. But it is also likely that “to bunk” in the sense of “escape, dodge” was heavily influenced by “bunco”…

What does bunk mean in England?

British. : a hasty departure or escape – usually used in the phrase do a pend.

Does bunk mean nonsense?

Bunk noun (NONSENSE)

utter nonsense or something designed to deceive: Most doctors think his theories are nonsense.

Is bunking a slang?

(slang) Bunkum; senseless talk, nonsense.

What is the synonym of bunk?

noun. 1 “This idea is just nonsense” nonsense, nonsense, gibberish, babble, babble, babble, babble, babble. British rubbish. informal gossip, nonsense, tripe, babble, gibberish, bilge, bosh, bull, bilge, hot air, eyewash, piffle, poppycock, phooey, hooey, malarkey, chatter, dribble.

What does punk mean in slang?

1 : a usually petty thug, thug, or thug.

What does bunk mean in Australia?

noun. a veiled fact. de bunk to remove the cover over it.

What does bunk down mean?

informal. sleep: We were able to sleep in the guest room for the night.

What does bunk mean in school?

1 : not going to school, work, etc. When we were kids, we skipped school. 2 : leaving school, work, etc. early.

What does it mean to bunk a class?

Staying away from or leaving something early (usually school or work) when one should normally be there; skip. Mainly heard in the UK. I was so restless and bored at work that after lunch I decided to just hide it without telling anyone.

What’s a cuff?

1 : something (e.g. part of a sleeve or glove) that encloses the wrist. 2 : the turned-back hem of a trouser leg. 3a : handcuffs – usually used in the plural.

What type of word is bunk?

Bunk can be a noun or a verb – word type.

Does bunk mean sleep?

(informal) Any sleeping place; especially a narrow cot. Stay overnight; sleep. Stay with a friend.



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