What Does Amanda Do for Money in the Glass Menagerie?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 7, 2022

What does Amanda do in The Glass Menagerie?

Amanda Wingfield lives in a world that oscillates between illusion and reality. When it suits her, she just closes her eyes to the brutal, realistic world. She uses various escape mechanisms to endure her current position in life.

What is the second job that Amanda takes to make extra money The Glass Menagerie?

Tom says that Amanda is running a phone subscription campaign for a magazine called The Homemaker’s Companion to make some extra money and thereby increase the family’s ability to entertain suitors. A glamor magazine cover appears on the screen and Amanda walks in with a phone.

What does Amanda want for Tom in The Glass Menagerie?

Amanda here is realistic enough to know that Tom is reaching a point of desperation. She tells him he can leave anytime after Laura is taken care of. So she returns to the subject of the gentleman caller and wants Tom to take you home hoping Laura can find her own place.

What is Amanda’s dream in The Glass Menagerie?

Amanda’s dreams are desperate attempts to escape the sadness of her present, and as such they become self-deceptions that blind her to reality and her children’s desires. She insists that Tom fulfill her vision of him as a successful businessman.

What type of character is Amanda?

Amanda is kind of a daydreamer. She lives between illusion and reality. She wants to run away or escape the bitter situations she is facing. She tries different tricks to get out of the unwanted situations.

Is Amanda a good mother?

But it’s not just about the past. Amanda also looks to the future, making what she calls “plans and arrangements,” single-minded for her children. As annoying as all the fuss about keeping your elbows off the table is, Amanda is actually a very loving mom.

What does Amanda make Tom promise that he will never be?

What does Amanda promise Tom he will never be? “Go to the moon – you selfish dreamer!”

Why does Amanda blame Tom for the failure of the evening?

Why does Amanda blame Tom for the night’s failures? Since Jim is Tom’s “best friend” at the warehouse, she thought he would know that Jim would be engaged. What do we learn about Tom and Laura in the first scene? How does Amanda treat her children in the play?

Who Broke The Glass Menagerie?

When Tom breaks her glass menagerie, she is greatly affected and can be suggested by her reaction. “My glass! – Menagerie”, “Laura weakly clings to the mantelpiece with her face averted.”(1171). Breaking the glass shows Laura what Tom’s responsibility is to her.

What does Amanda always instruct Laura?

Even the fact that Amanda tells Laura to practice shorthand or study the writing chart prepares the reader for the beginning of the next scene, in which Amanda reveals Laura’s delusion about her failure at school discovered. p>

Why does Amanda want Laura to get married?

Amanda believes marriage is a necessary step so that her daughter can live comfortably and be supported by a man. This play also questions the permanence of marriage as the marriage of the mother figure (Amanda) and her missing husband was destroyed because he left her.

How would you describe Amanda Wingfield?

Amanda is both a very funny and deeply tragic character. Their exaggerated, larger-than-life statements and actions are often so unrealistic as to be comical. However, her self-deception and inability to see the world around her is also sad and painful to watch.

Why is Amanda distressed?

Answer: Amanda is a little girl who was sad because of the senseless restrictions placed on her. She wants someone to accept her for who she is, not how everyone wants her to be. She is unhappy because everything she does makes her feel bad, sad and depressed.

What is Amanda trying to run away from?

Answer: Amanda seems to be moody most of the time because she is trying to escape from her sad reality where she gets annoyed most of the time. It is indeed a sad state for a young child like Amanda. Here the only defense against such a reality is her imagination, into which she often takes refuge.

Why did Amanda’s husband leave in The Glass Menagerie?

We don’t know exactly why he left, but as Tom explains, “He was a switchboard operator who quit his job with the phone company and skipped the lights of the city.” Amanda recalls, how charming he was when he courted her, but she grows more and more nostalgic for the more posh callers she turned down to marry…



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