What Does Admonishing Mean?

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transitive verb 1a : to indicate duties or obligations. b : To express warning or disapproval, especially being admonished in a gentle, serious or caring way for being late. 2 : give friendly, serious advice or encouragement to warn them to be careful…

How do you admonish someone?

Reminders are scold. If you want to show someone that you are not happy with their behavior, admonish them. Coming into English via Old French from the Latin admonere, “guess, remember”, admonish is always used with the aim of improving a person’s behavior.

What are examples of admonish?

The definition of admonish is to let someone know that you are not happy with his or her actions or to berate a person. Reprimanding a misbehaving child is an example of admonition. To warn or report an error; to reprimand gently or kindly, but seriously; to admonish.

What is the best definition for the word admonish?

to warn, advise or advise against something. to scold or scold, especially mild and benevolent: the teacher admonished him for excessive noise. to urge a duty; remind: to remind them of their duties.

What does it mean to admonish the state?

admonish. / (ədˈmɒnɪʃ)/ verb (tr) to rebuke firmly but not harshly. advise to do something or to do something about it; to warn; Caution.

What is the root word for admonish?

Etymology. From Middle English admonesten, admonissen, from Old French amonester (modern French admonester), from an unacknowledged Late Latin or Vulgar Latin *admonestrāre, from Latin admoneō (‘to remind, to warn’), from ad + moneō (‘to warn, to advise “).

What is admonition in the Bible?

Definition of admonition

1 : gentle or friendly rebuke remembered admonition to keep it simple. 2 : Advice or warning of fault or oversight. Headmaster’s admonishment against bullying.

Is admonish a positive word?

To warn, advise or advise against something. rebuke or scold, especially in a mild and benevolent manner: the teacher admonished him for excessive noise.

What is the opposite of admonishment?

Near antonyms for admonish. approve endorse. (also indorse), OK.

What part of speech is admonish?

ADMONISH (verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan dictionary.

How do you remember the word admonish?

Mnemonics (memory aid): How to remember? “Admonish” rhymes with the word “punish”. Imagine someone warning you that they would punish you. So this person admonishes you.

What does self admonishment mean?

firm but not harsh to blame.

What does admonition mean in law?

An admonition is a directive, warning, or advice from a judge. A judge can admonish anyone in the courtroom, including defendants, prosecutors, witnesses, and bystanders. For example, in 1999, two female prosecutors were admonished by the judge for wearing pantsuits instead of skirts during the trial.

What does it mean to admonish an attorney?

A reprimand made by the court to an attorney who appears in court and alerts the attorney to the unacceptability of his or her conduct in court.

What is the meaning of reproof in the Bible?

Definition of reprimand

: criticism for a mistake : reprimand.

What does admonition mean in the giver?

a warning or a little advice – like “don’t drink and drive”. He was keenly aware of his own admonition not to talk about his education. p. 89.4.

What does reprove mean Bible?

transitive verb 1 : usually to scold or correct gently or with kindness.



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