What Do You Wear to Orientation at Kroger?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 19, 2022

Basically casual until you get a work shirt. You are required to wear tennis shoes with dress pants or other pants that aren’t jeans.

What is the dress code for Kroger employees?

Kroger’s current dress code policy requires employees to wear blue aprons with a name tag and an embroidered rainbow logo. Employees can wear a regular shirt with a collar or crew neck. The shirt can have long or short sleeves. Also, employees can wear pants or jeans that do not have tears, frays, or holes in them.

How should I dress for a job orientation?

A suit and tie is always a safe choice. If you don’t own a suit, you can wear slacks, a button-down shirt and a tie. Properly fitting pants should not rise above your ankle when you sit, but they also shouldn’t drag on the floor when you walk.

Do you have to dress up for job orientation?

Orientation is a paid job assignment so you should wear whatever is the regular dress code.

Can I wear sweatpants to work at Kroger?

What is the uniform requirement at Kroger? They’ll give you a blue collared shirt and you wear pant without any holes in them. Polo shirt/ decent pants not hard to get.

How long is Kroger orientation?

It’s one 8 hour shift.

What kind of shoes can you wear at Kroger?

8 answers. Non slip shoes for side departments and front end. I had to wear athletic shoes although they do recommend non-slip, and those may be required in certain departments. Non slip shoes but tennis shoes are allowed.

Is orientation the first day of work?

You’ve probably heard many terms associated with the start of a new employee’s journey in a new job – preboarding, orientation, onboarding, training. In the plainest of terms, a job orientation happens either prior to the new employee’s first day or right when the new employee starts their job at your organization.

What do you wear to a job orientation at a grocery store?

Anything decent really. Not formal wear but semi does help. Basically casual until you get a work shirt. You are required to wear tennis shoes with dress pants or other pants that aren’t jeans.

How early should you be for orientation?

Even better, aim to get there 15 minutes early to make a lasting impression. Newly hired employees should always arrive on time, or early, throughout the onboarding process. Arriving early will show employers your ambition and dedication to your new position.

What should I wear on my first day of work?

What usually happens at a job orientation?

A job orientation occurs on the first few days of a new hire’s employment. It involves introducing them to their team, showing them their workspace and administering new hire paperwork. Employees will usually spend a portion of their job orientation reviewing onboarding information like dress code, benefits and salary.

How long is a job orientation?

Different industries require different levels of training and briefing before new employees can fully participate in their responsibilities. However, the widely accepted general standard for a new employee’s orientation duration is around three hours or no longer than a full workday.

Can you have piercings at Kroger?

Kroger does not allow facial piercings nor “fun colored” hair.

What is the Kroger employee discount?

All part-time and full-time associates are eligible for a 10 % discount on groceries. They also enjoy a 15% discount on home goods from Kroger brand products. The discount goes up to 20% during specific holidays like the 4th of July and Christmas. Kroger employees enjoy the following discounts.

Does Kroger allow colored hair?

Yes you can. The Kroger company is versatile when it comes to your dress code and hair. No unnaturally colored hair can be worn. Also no distracting styles can be worn.



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