What Do You Mean by Noxious?

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1a : physically harmful or destructive to living beings noxious waste noxious fumes. b : Constitute a harmful influence on mind or behavior, especially : morally corrupting harmful teachings. 2 : uncomfortable, offensive this damaging political scandal – H.L. Ickes.

What is an example of noxious?

Harmful is something very unpleasant or toxic. An example of a harmful gas is carbon monoxide. Harmful; harmful.

How do you use the word noxious?

What is the meaning of noxious gases?

A noxious gas or substance is toxic or very noxious. Many household products emit noxious fumes. … carbon monoxide and other harmful gases. Synonyms: harmful, deadly, poisonous, toxic More synonyms for harmful.

What does noxious mean in chemistry?

Definition. A harmful substance is a substance that is harmful or harmful to living beings.

What causes noxious?

Noxious stimuli can be either mechanical (e.g. pinching or other tissue deformation), chemical (e.g. exposure to acid or irritant), or thermal (e.g. high or low temperature). There are some types of tissue damage that are not detected by any sensory receptors and therefore cannot cause pain.

What is noxious liquid?

10 Noxious liquid substance means any substance specified in the pollution category column of Chapter 17 or 18 of the International Bulk Chemical Code or provisionally classified as being in category X, Y or Z under the provisions of regulation 6.3.< /p>

What does self noxious mean?

harmful to spirit or morale; corrupt.

What is the root of noxious?

harmful (adj.)

“unhealthy, harmful”, c. 1500, noxius, from Latin noxius “hurting, injuring”, from noxa “injury, injury, damage that entails liability” (related to nocere “to hurt” and nex “slaughter”), from PIE *noks-, from root < b>*nek- (1) “death.” relatives: noxious; Harmfulness.

What is noxious and obnoxious?

The word noxious derives from the Latin word noxa, which means injury or harm. Obnoxious describes what is extremely unpleasant, offensive or annoying. Obnoxious is typically used to describe a person whose behavior is extremely objectionable, offensive, or annoying.

What does non noxious mean?

adj. 1 toxic or harmful. 2 harmful to spirit or morals; corrupt. (C17: from lat. noxius harmful, from noxa harm)

Which is poisonous gas?

The most well-known toxic gases include carbon monoxide, chlorine, nitrogen dioxide and phosgene.

What are noxious agents?

Contaminants are substances or forces that are harmful toxic, noxious or harmful and productive. from illness and injury.

Are noxious weeds bad?

Harmful weeds are a threat to our environment and economy. They can take over entire ecosystems, destroy natural habitats, damage agricultural production and cause millions of dollars in damage. As they spread into natural areas, they harm wildlife and plants and are impossible to eradicate.

Is pain a noxious stimulus?

Some noxious stimuli, particularly in the gut, do not elicit nociceptive responses. Other non-noxious stimuli may cause visceral pain or afferent discharges comparable to those from noxious stimuli. Algogenic stimuli are those that cause pain and are often, but not always, harmful.

What do you call sense of smell?

olfactory \ahl-FAK-tuh-ree\ adjective. : of or pertaining to the sense of smell.



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