What Do We Call Maika in English?

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Maika (plural Maikas) (India) A woman’s maternal village: the place where she grew up, especially in contrast to her new home after marriage.

What do you call Maika in English?

The English word for Sasural is the home of the in-laws. In-laws refers to relatives gained through marriage. The English word for Mayka is your childhood home.

What is Maika and Sasural called in English?

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The word “Sasural” comes from the word “Sasur” which is a Hindi word meaning father-in-law. Therefore, ‘Sasural’ can also be referred to as the home of your father-in-law. In Indian tradition, after marriage, women live in their ‘Sasural’ and their marital house is called ‘Mayka’ in Hindi.

What is called wife house in English?

Whether it is the wife’s house or the husband’s house, it is referred to as the In-laws’ house.

What is maternal house?

(məˈtɜːnɪtɪ həʊm ) a house in which a pregnant woman may live until the birth of her baby, especially (formerly) one for women who became pregnant unmarried and whose baby was to be placed for adoption . English Collins Dictionary.

What called wife’s parents?

A mother-in-law is the mother of a person’s spouse.

What is inlaws house called?

A person visiting their spouse’s parents’ house would probably say something like: My in-laws’ house. My spouse’s childhood home.

What is husband home called in English?

Definition von ‘House-House-Band’

What is Susraal?

In-laws {sasural} = HOUSE OF IN-LAWS(noun)

How do you say Sala in English?

A person’s brother-in-law is their husband’s or wife’s brother, or the man who is married to their sister.

What’s another name for housewife?

On this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idioms and related words for housewife, such as: housewife, family manager, house technician, housekeeper, lady of the house, lady of the house, housewife (German), housekeeper , wife, mater familias (Latin) and wife and mother.

What is paternal home?

For housing benefit, a parental home is a house where you live with a parent in a place they own or pay for. This does not apply to situations in which: you share an apartment, e.g. B. You: both are in the rental agreement. paying fare to stay in a hostel or guesthouse.

Can you say housewife?

Most people, whether married or single, find the term housewife perfectly acceptable. But it’s sometimes found offensive, perhaps because it implies low status (“She’s just a housewife”) or because it defines a profession in terms of a woman’s relationship with a man. Housewife is a fairly common substitute.

What do we say mother’s house in English?

Mother House Definition

A monastery or other religious house from which one or more additional religious houses were founded. The original monastery of a religious community. The mother house is the founding house of a religious order or the monastery where the superior resides.

What do we say nanke in English?

Nanke means house of mother’s parents. This is in the Punjabi language and is used in the Punjab region and also in some regions of India for speaking and writing. Nanke is a really nice place to meet and enjoy with the mother’s brothers, sisters and parents.

What are mothers parents called?

variation. maternal grandmother: the mother’s mother. Maternal Grandfather: Mother’s Father. Paternal grandmother: father’s mother.



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