What Do We Call Fukrey in English?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 16, 2022

The correct meaning of Fukrey in English is Unemployed.

Who is a jobless person?

Someone who is unemployed does not have a job although they would like to have one. In the inner cities, every fourth person is now unemployed. … the number of unemployed. Synonyms: unemployed, unemployed, unemployed [British, informal] More synonyms for unemployed.

What is the meaning of Fukrey in Urdu?

The Urdu word فکرے means slacker in English. The other similar words are Kaam Choor, Sust and Fukrey. Slacker synonyms include Avoider, Bum, Deadbeat, Goldbrick, Idler, Loafer, Quitter, and Slouch.

What is the meaning of Atti in English?

Noun plural. Procedures [plural noun] the things said and done at a society meeting, etc..

What is the Urdu meaning of sty?

stye [synonyms: eye infection, hordeolum, stye] An infection of the sebum gland of the eyelid. Poetry. Goiter on the eyelid. A kind of sticking to the edge of the lid.

What is a person with no job called?

What does unemployed mean? Unemployed means not having a paying job – not being employed. A person described as unemployed is usually unemployed and looking for a job.

What is it called when there are no jobs?

See the definition of unemployed on adj.unemployed.

What is meaning of Fukrey boys?

Fukra is a Punjabi slang word meaning unemployed, something that does nothing, “wella” is another well suited Punjabi word for it. So fukrey, plural of fukra, means a bunch of unemployed guys who basically do nothing and just walk around unemployed.

Is attic American or English?

A loft is the top floor of a building or a raised area in a room just below the roof (American usage), or simply an attic: an attic storage space, usually accessed by a ladder (mainly British usage ).

How do you speak with a stye?

What is the meaning of kennel in Urdu?

1) kennel. Noun. Outbuilding that serves as a shelter for a dog. Dog kennel

What is the meaning of Hutch in Urdu?

1) Barn. Noun. A cage (usually made of wood and chicken wire) for small animals. Derba Cage for small animals



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