What Do Subway Employees Wear?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 10, 2022

All employees are required to wear a Subway umbrella, Subway polo shirt, either black or khaki pants, and an apron.

How should I wear my hair at Subway?

Do you have to wear a shirt on the subway?

On the subway where I work, you must wear the uniform shirt they give you, all shoes as long as they are not slip-ons, and all pants, shorts, leggings that you want as long as they are black, khaki or denim. They must not show any cracks or patterns. And the shorts have to be knee-length.

Can you wear your hair down at Subway?

No, you must have hair in a bun or under a hat.

Does subway hold your first paycheck?

You hold the check for the first week, which is paid each week. Every two weeks, almost three weeks.

Can subway workers wear leggings?

workers. No spandex or yoga pants or leggings.

What shoes do you need to wear at subway?

Black shoes. You can wear any color and type of shoes while working on the subway.

Do I have to return my subway uniform?

7 answers. You get two shirts, a hat and an apron for free and then have to pay $5 for all the extras. The cost of the first information is free, if you want another shirt it will be deducted from your paycheck.

What is subway training like?

You walk in, they give you a work shirt and they show you how to put everything on the bread, how to cut the bread, how much meat goes on the sandwich and how to talk to your customers while they are preparing food there . You will be trained by the person with the most experience at the time.

How long is a subway shift?

8.5-hour shifts for breakers and some makers. If no one comes, you rarely have to worry about it all day.

How long is subway orientation?

How long does it take to find your way around the subway? Subway’s orientation program lasts five days and is a comprehensive process designed to enable new hires to be effective in their role and contribute productively to their team.

What are the perks of working at subway?

We offer a competitive salary along with mileage, medical/dental insurance, 401(k) Match, vacation/sick pay and short/long term disability benefits.



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