What Do Protean Logs Do?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 28, 2022

This is a stacking log that can be used for Fire Strike and/or Fletching EXP based on your level in the skill(s). Alternatively, you can turn them into mutable boards at a sawmill. Shifting Logs are items that can be used to gain Sparkmaking and/or Fletching experience.

What should I use protean logs for?

Protean logs can be used to train Fire Punching and Fletching, or cheaply converted into planks to train Construction.

What is protean used for?

Protean items are a group of items available from Treasure Hunter (and related promotions) that are used to train skills without producing a result (with some exceptions). All morphable items are stackable, allowing for easy skill training.

Can you use protean logs for All Fired Up?

Protean protocols are not usable.

in the All Fired Up minigame

How much XP does a protean bar give?

How many protean logs can you use an hour?

Each variable protocol takes eight ticks (4.8 seconds) to fletch. Without boosts, approximately 750 morphable logs can be burned per hour. Portable braziers and portable fletchers can occasionally salvage shifting logs.

Where do I use protean traps?

How do you use protean materials?

How many protean traps are there?

Can you get pets with proteans?

The following items and training methods give no chance of getting a pet: Using morphable items. minigames. Experience lamps/stars.

What is a protean powerup?

Evolving Powerups are items used to increase the speed of evolving items by 15%. Each activation lasts five minutes and can be stacked up to two hours. They can be right-clicked to check the duration of the currently active powerups.

How long do beacons stay lit for rs3?

How do you make protean logs into planks?

Modable logs can be converted to modable boards at any Lumber Mill at a cost of 5 coins per plank. The least expensive use of Protean planks is to treat them as stackable Mahogany planks and craft items like Mahogany, Flotsam Shrimp Broker, or Mahogany Chair Flatpacks.

Do smithing urns work with proteans?

Do urns work with Protean? No.

Do protean traps work on red salamanders?

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