What Do Mexicans Say When Sneeze?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 12, 2022

In Mexico they say “Salud!” In Cuba we say “Jesùs!”

What do Mexicans say after you sneeze?

There are different responses to the first three sneezes in Spanish, and they vary by region. The most popular version is more used in Latin America: salud (“health”) after the first sneeze, Dinero (“money”) after the second, and amor (“love”) after the third. You almost want to sneeze!

What do we say after sneezing?

EXPLANATION: When someone sneezes in the United States, most often someone else will say, “Bless you!” The phrase originally originated as “God bless you.” CORRECT ANSWER: “Thank you!” Below are just a few of the many possibilities for its origin and no one is sure of the correct answer.

Do you say Salud in Spanish when someone sneezes?

So the first time you sneeze in Spanish, say “salud.”

What to say instead of Bless you?

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