What Do Colored Dots on Mailboxes Mean?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 23, 2022

“Not all customers have their address on the adjacent mailbox, so that helps.” The color-coded dots correspond to the various subscriptions and publications that The Post-Crescent provides, so you may see more than one dot on a mailbox.

What does a red dot mean on your mailbox?

A Red Dot sticker on or in your mailbox indicates that you no longer wish to receive unsolicited e-mails. You will still receive subscription mail and newspapers, but postmen will not deliver unaddressed mail.

Why is there a white sticker on my mailbox?

According to the Home Delivery Manager at Post and Courier, the dots are reflective and help newspaper deliverers identify who is receiving an overnight newspaper. For example, a blue dot indicates a Wednesday/Sunday subscription. A white dot denotes a home that should receive both a mail and courier and a WSJ.

What does orange sticker on mailbox mean?

An orange sticker means that a dog lives at this address. If you do not want the sticker attached to your mailbox, you can call the Kentuckiana Consumer Affairs Office at 502-473-4220 to request that it be removed. The Postal Service says the PAWS program doesn’t just protect mail carriers.

What does black tape on mailbox mean?

Residents said they found three mailboxes marked with black tape in the community. They think this is how people in the underground dogfighting world signal that dogs live in homes. Claibourne Crouch’s mailbox was marked with the tape.

Why are there green dots on mailboxes?

Mark Johnson, distribution director for The Post-Crescent, said shippers put up the reflective dots to expedite newspaper delivery in the early hours. “It helps the carrier identify the type of subscription for the right subscriber under dark conditions,” Johnson said.

What do green stickers on mailboxes mean?

“The stickers are designed to help contractors get the correct delivery to their home delivery subscribers,” says Cole. “We receive very few complaints or questions about them. Most subscribers understand why contractors use them.

What does yellow tape on mailbox mean?

They put a pawprint sticker on the mailboxes of houses where they know there is a dog that might attack, so the trucker knows to be extra careful. An orange sticker means there’s a dog living at that address, and a yellow sticker means there’s a dog living next door.

What does a yellow mailbox mean?

So USPS implements the Dog Paw program here in Minnesota. It uses colour-coded stickers placed on mailboxes to raise awareness: an orange dog paw sticker means there’s a dog living in the house, and a yellow sticker tells the postal worker there’s a dog in the next house.

Should I put reflectors on my mailbox?

Make your mailbox highly visible to drivers driving at night or in inclement weather and increase safety for drivers, pedestrians and your mailbox by purchasing sign reflectors today.

What does a paw print on my mailbox mean?

Postal service customers who share their home with dogs may soon notice a paw print on their mailbox. The stickers are part of a postal service program that was launched in select cities last November and is continuing to expand. The program aims to prevent dog attacks on postmen.

How do you put letters on a mailbox?

What does tape on a door mean?

Burglars put a piece of electrical tape on your door or window. If they come back and see the tape gone, they’ll know you’re home. But if the tape is still there when they get back, they’ll assume you’re not home and see that as an opportunity to break in.

What is the average height of a rural mailbox?

Here are some helpful guidelines to follow when setting up your mailbox: Position your mailbox 41″ to 45″ from the street surface to the end of the mailbox or mail entry point. Place your mailbox 6″ to 8″ from the curb. If you don’t have a raised curb, contact your local postmaster for more information.



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