What Circuit Breakers Are Compatible With Westinghouse?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 26, 2022

As previously mentioned, Westinghouse circuit breakers are compatible with Square D, Eaton and Cutler-Hammer because they share the same ownership. That means you have many options when you need to replace your Westinghouse circuit breaker.

Can Siemens breakers be used in a Westinghouse panel?

A Siemens QP circuit breaker compatibility chart or manual may indicate that their circuit breakers will fit other brand load centers. General Switch, Westinghouse, Murray, Challenger, Arrow Hart and General Electric are good examples of such brands.

Which circuit breakers are interchangeable?

UL Classified Circuit Breakers are designed and tested to be both mechanically and electrically interchangeable with circuit breakers made by General Electric, Thomas & Betts, ITE/Siemens, Murray, Crouse-Hinds and Square D.

Is Cutler Hammer the same as Westinghouse?

Originally manufactured by the Westinghouse Electric Company, the product line was then sold to Square D and later to Eaton and Cutler Hammer. Each company changed labels and upgraded trip units to the latest technology of the day, but otherwise the products remained interchangeable.

Who bought out Westinghouse breakers?

Eaton Corp. agreed to become Westinghouse Electric Corp.’s sales and control unit. for $1.1 billion in a transaction that will increase Eaton’s revenue by 25 percent and help Westinghouse pay off debt incurred by its financial services business, the companies said.

Can you use different brands of breakers?

Brand: Always install the correct brand of circuit breaker in your fuse box. While some breakers are interchangeable, many are not, even though they look the same. Replacing one brand of circuit breaker with another can be dangerous, void your breaker or panel warranty, and result in a failed electrical inspection.

Does Eaton own Westinghouse?

Eaton Electrical acquired the Westinghouse Distribution and Controls business unit in 1994, one of Eaton’s largest acquisitions.

How do you match a circuit breaker?

What kind of circuit breaker do I need?

How do I pick the right breaker?

Are Westinghouse panels safe?

Westinghouse electrical panels are considered safe. The main problem that plagues Westinghouse panels is their age. The breakers can also have a bad connection to the busbar, causing them to overheat and melt, burning the terminal lugs. Loose breakers were not a widespread problem that resulted in recalls.

When did Westinghouse stop making Panelboards?

Since production of Westinghouse panels ceased in 1995, the date of manufacture must be earlier. Not all Westinghouse panels have this number stamp.

What is compatible with Cutler-Hammer?

Are GE and Westinghouse the same company?

The investment company, based in Fairfield, CT, General Electric Co will buy Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corp, Neuronetics Inc in the 3 months ended Q1 2019, according to the investment company General’s recent filings Electric Produces Co.

Is there still a Westinghouse company?

(Legally, Westinghouse Electric Corporation still exists, primarily for licensing purposes, as a subsidiary of CBS Corp.)

Are circuit breakers universal?

Obviously the answer is no. Unlike most electrical devices like switches and outlets, circuit breakers are brand specific. In fact, manufacturers will tell you to only replace or add breakers specifically designed for that branded panel. Also, use only the type of breaker recommended for the panel.



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