What Can I Use to Cut Pegboard?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 19, 2022

Cutting with a utility knife or handsaw will result in a jagged edge. A circular saw blade with about 100 teeth works well for perforated panels. A chop saw blade has 60 or 80 teeth and makes a smooth cut. A jigsaw blade with 10 or 12 teeth per inch is suitable for cutting perforated panels.

How do you cut plastic pegboard?

How do I cut it? Use a power tool such as a circular saw, jigsaw, or band saw and a sheet metal cutting blade (a fine tooth blade). Use one of the breadboard holes as a starting point for your cut.

How do you cut steel pegboard?

How do you cut hardboard pegboard?

How do you edge pegboard?

How do you make pegboard tools?

Which side of the pegboard faces out?

If necessary, cut the perforated wall panel to the exact dimensions using a circular saw or jigsaw. Place the perforated plate face down (the “back” side up) to keep it clean.

What material is best for pegboard?

Cloth. Perforated boards are usually made of plastic, wood or metal. Plastic die plates are the lightest and cheapest type of die plate, but they are not as strong as metal die plates, making them best for small tools that don’t weigh much.

How do you hang pegboard without furring strips?

Insert a screw with a washer into each marked hole on the pegboard, then fit a spacer onto each screw on the back of the pegboard. Position the pegboard on the wall and thread each screw into its corresponding anchor or wall stud. If not using a spacer kit, use 2″ wood screws with washers.

What is pegboard made of?

Pegboard is a board of wood, composite, metal, or other material with pre-drilled holes at evenly spaced intervals. Typically used for storing or hanging items, a pegboard uses hooks and other accessories to keep items accessible and organized.

Can you cut hardboard with a utility knife?

Because hardboard is so strong and durable, it’s great for a variety of DIY applications. You can straight cut fiberboard with a utility knife or use any type of chainsaw to get the job done. Or, if you take the time to prepare the cut properly, you can go old school and use a handsaw!

Will Home Depot cut hardboard?

Yes, Home Depot has a wood cutting area where they serve customers by cutting their wood to the size they need. Any wood you buy from the store is cut for free in this area, but you are not allowed to bring your own wood from elsewhere.

How do you cut panel boards?

How do you cut fairings with a utility knife? It’s very easy. Mark the cut, place the straight edge on the marks, hold the trim with one arm and draw the knife across the piece with light pressure. Repeat the process, applying more pressure each time, until you’ve cut through the trim.

How far off the wall does pegboard need to be?

The pegboard will require approximately 1/2 inch clearance behind it for the hooks to be inserted.

How do you make pegboard look good?

Creating a frame is a great way to give the edges a finished look to make your pegboard look more polished. If you’re not keen on building your own frame, you can have a custom frame built for it at a frame shop, or buy as large a frame as you can find and then cut your pegboard to that size.

Does Menards cut pegboard?

Both Home Depot and Lowes can cut your pegboard for you (Midwestern chain Menards can’t), and I recommend letting them do it, if only for the sake of portability.



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