What Can I Use Instead of Worbla?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 29, 2022

You can use EVA foam, paper mache, cardboard or craft foam. Just make sure that if you use any of them, you follow the security measures for it. Not everything on the list is as secure as Worbla.

How do you make Worbla?

What can I use instead of thermoplastic?

Due to its high hardness and rigidity, the new silicone type can be used as an alternative to thermoplastics or duroplastics. The product is suitable, for example, as a hard substrate in two-component molded parts.

What material is Worbla?

Worbla is a non-toxic thermoplastic made from renewable natural resources and is a popular material for cosplay, costume design, jewelry, props, models and art & handicrafts. Draw directly on Worbla with a marker, cut with scissors or a Dremel tool and heat sculpt into your desired shape!

What plastic do cosplayers use?

Thibra Fine Sculptable Plastic

Thibra is designed for professional artists, theater designers, hobbyists, hobbyists and the cosplay community to create costumes, masks, jewelry, etc. /p>

Can you use a hair dryer as a heat gun Worbla?

The easiest way to shape worbla is to use a heat gun (or blow dryer in a pinch) and a heating knife. The downside is that these two items generate a lot of heat and burn things.

Is Worbla expensive?

Worbla is more expensive than many other commonly used materials such as foam. You can’t keep it in a hot car. A costume made from several jumbo layers of worbla can be quite heavy compared to foam.

Is there such thing as moldable plastic?

InstaMorph – moldable plastic. InstaMorph is a super strong hand moldable plastic that you can reheat and use again and again!

What kind of plastic is moldable?

LIGHT & STRONG: InstaMorph is a lightweight thermoplastic polyester that behaves like clay when warm, but is a strong plastic when it cools. Shape it with your hands, tools, or press around an object to create a shape.

How do you make plastic moldable?

Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic is perfect for creating plastic parts without injection molds or 2 part epoxy systems. Simply heat the pellets in hot water to over 150 degrees F for 2-3 minutes until they turn from white to clear. Take them out of the water and you can mold them into any shape you want.

Will Worbla melt in the sun?

You must not leave your Worbla in a car or in a tent or shed in the sun as it will begin to completely soften or warp. (A car can reach an internal temperature of 80 °C / 175 °F in the sun, and Worbla’s Finest Art starts to soften at 65 °C / 150 °F.

Can you microwave Worbla?

Microwave in short bursts of 10-20 seconds at the beginning and 10 seconds each time until pellets are malleable. Drain water.

What materials do cosplayers use?

The most common materials used to make cosplay props are EVA foam, paper clay, PVC pipes and Worbla. However, you can combine cardboard, wood, wire, fabric and many more materials to create accessories for your character.

How do you use PVC for Cosplay?

What is PVC Cosplay?

How do you mold Cosplay plastic?

Thermoplastic sheets are easy to melt and mold into your creation. Simply heat the sheets above 150 degrees F for 2-3 minutes until they go from translucent to clear with a heat gun. Work on a smooth glass surface as the heated plastic will not stick to the glass. Once soft, shape them into any shape you want.



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