What Can a 270 Winchester Kill?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 16, 2022

270. It fires full throttle to 300 yards, making it a point-and-shoot caliber rifle for the vast majority of big game shots. You can take that too. Use 270 for whitetails in Wisconsin, for caribou bulls and large black bears in Alaska, or for combined western hunts for pronghorn, mule deer and moose.

What is a 270 Winchester good for?

270 Winchester is used almost exclusively as a hunting cartridge, while match shooters, military and police snipers, and hunters all use the . 30-06 Springfield extensively over the years.

How powerful is a 270 Winchester?

270 win. is loaded with bullets ranging from 130 to 150 grains at velocities between 2,900 and 3,100 feet per second.

Is a 270 Winchester more powerful than a 308?

270 Winchester has a significantly larger case capacity due to the much longer case used by the cartridge. Finally, the . 270 Winchester has a slightly higher average maximum pressure approved by SAAMI (65,000 psi versus 62,000 psi for the . 308 Win) .

Is a .270 a good deer rifle?

270 Winchester one of the most popular big game hunting cartridges of all time. He cemented his earnings far and wide by using it to stack big game animals around the world – including countless North American deer. For hunters who only hunt deer, the . 270 Winchester is hard to beat.

Is a .270 big enough for elk?

Elk bullets must be robust enough to ensure adequate penetration. Choose at least a medium caliber: 140 grains in 6.5mm and the lighter 7mm; 140 and 150 grains in . 270s; 150 to 160 grains in faster 7mm; 165 or 180 grains in . 30 caliber.

How far is a 270 accurate?

270 is the most accurate rifle I own. Featuring a 130-grain Hornady Boat Tail Spire Point powered by 60-grain H4831SC, this rifle is capable of printing one-hole groups at 100 yards without modifications. Nevertheless, the . 270 is a pure hunting cartridge designed to kill big game at long range.

Is a 270 good for moose?

270 Winchester is an all-around workhorse. There’s nothing flashy about it, but flashing doesn’t kill big bulls. The . 270 is known to be the ideal cartridge for medium-sized game and does the job very well on a moose too.

Is a .270 good for bear hunting?

Re: 270 Winchester Bear Loads

There really isn’t enough difference in trajectory between the 130 and 150 grains in the 270 to make a big difference. Everyone will kill a bear. But I’d prefer the 150 as long as it’s as accurate in your rifle as the lighter bullet.

How far does a 270 drop at 300 yards?

Which is better 270 or 6.5 Creedmoor?

270 Winchester packs a little more punch for big game hunting in typical hunting grounds, but the 6.5 Creedmoor takes advantage at longer ranges. If you prefer lighter recoil and a lighter weapon, the 6.5 Creedmoor is also a good choice.

What is the best all around rifle caliber?

The 7mm Mag has been around for over fifty years and is still hugely popular today as an all-purpose big game killer. It hurls bullets of the same weight faster than popular non-magnum calibers like the . 270 Winchester or .

Which is better 7mm-08 or 270?

Ballistic comparison between 7mm-08 and 270

The 270 Winchester often outperforms the 7mm-08 in ballistic coefficient. The 270’s projectile is slightly smaller with a 7.2 versus 7.4 sized slug. When comparing the ballistics of the two rounds, they almost always top each other in terms of performance.

Is a 270 or a 243 more powerful?

Ballistics If you’re after power, the . 270 Win. wins this race in a landslide. The larger cartridge can muzzle a 130-grain bullet at over 3,000 feet per second while generating 2,702 foot-pounds of energy.

Which has more recoil 308 or 270?

Assuming the rifle weight is equal between the two cartridges, the 270 Winchester has less recoil compared to the 308 for almost any factory load. This is mainly due to the 308’s heavier bullet weight. Simply put, lighter bullets recoil less.

Does a 270 have a lot of recoil?

A. 270 Winchester with a 140-grain bullet traveling at 3,000 fps produces 17.1 pounds of recoil with an 8-pound rifle. That’s a 4.5-pound increase in recoil, or about 36 percent for a gain of just 140 fps. A deer will never tell the difference, but the hunter probably will.

What caliber rifle is recommended for moose?

30-06 Winchester or the Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) in . 300 caliber as possible choices for a moose hunting rifle. These rifle calibers offer a wide range of bullet weights to meet the needs of the modern hunter. You should be able to find a cartridge suitable for moose-sized game.

What is the best rifle caliber for deer and elk?

270 Weatherby Magnum, . 280 Remington, 7mm Remington Magnum, 7mm Weatherby Magnum, 7mm STW, 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum. These are all great mule deer cartridges and all can certainly do a good job on moose as well.

What is best rifle caliber for elk?

30-06 is still an extremely capable moose caliber at reasonable hunting distances. It also has significantly lower recoil than most magnum cartridges. In fact, almost any moose outfitter would prefer that a hunter with a well-worn . 30-06 that he or she can shoot better than a brand new Magnum.

How much does a 270 drop at 400 yards?



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