What Bars Do Nyu Students Go To?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 16, 2022

Where do NYU students hang out?

Washington Square Park conveniently sits right in the middle of the New York University “campus” and just a few blocks from the New School, cementing its status as a quintessential college hang spot.

Where do NYU students go to party?

There are a lot of parties going on at NYU but with the city available to us, it was really easy to find something to do on the weekends. Most people like going to bars around campus (west village) or clubs (midtown.) Williamsburg is also a popular destination with upper classmen.

Is it hard making friends at NYU?

Traditional, gated campuses often create a sense of community within their confines, but NYU’s lack of such a campus lends can make it difficult for students to build relationships. Friendships can be tough to spark and maintain, especially for those new to the college experience.

What is the nicest dorm at NYU?

Is NYU a dry campus?

NYU is committed to creating and maintaining a campus environment that is free of alcohol and substance abuse.

What clubs does NYU have?

Is Greek life big at NYU?

Sorority life makes NYU feel just a little bit smaller, but it also expands your horizons. The Panhellenic community is very close, and there are lots of opportunities to interact with girls from other sororities.



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