What Are the Steps in the Router Boot Sequence?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 19, 2022

What is the boot of sequence of a router?

The following details the router boot process:

The router powers on. 3. The bootstrap checks the value of the configuration register to indicate where to load the IOS . By default (the configuration register’s default value is 2102 in hexadecimal), the router first looks for “boot system” commands in the startup-config.


What is bootstrap in router?

The initial software that runs on a Cisco router is called bootstrap software and is usually stored in ROM. The bootstrap software is invoked when the router boots up. Flash – Flash memory resides on a processor board SIMM but can be expanded with (removable) PCMCIA cards.

Which step in the switch boot process?

What are the major phases to the router boot up process with their functions?

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