What Are the Odds of Aa vs Kk?

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Win 81.71% Draw 0.46% Win 17.82%
Equity 81.95% Equity 18.05%
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What are the odds of running KK into AA?

In a 6-max game, the percentage for running AA into KK is about 3% if I got my calculations right.

How often does AA vs KK happen?

On average a player will get KK once every 52*51/2*6=221 hands and due to blockers another player will then have AA once every 50*49/2*6=204 hands .

What are the odds of AK vs AA?

What are the odds of pocket aces vs pocket kings?

What are the odds of winning with aces versus kings? When pocket aces are playing heads-up preflop against pocket kings, pocket aces have about an 81 percent chance of winning. This probability increases slightly if one of the aces and one of the kings are of the same suit.

Is KK better than AK?

Of course KK is a much better hand, but they are both very strong hands. KK is better than AK for many reasons, it’s already a made hand and a very strong one at that. AK has to hit a board to be good, but when you have that 1/3 chance of hitting an ace, then AK is almost unbeatable against KK.

Should you go all in with QQ?

And there are many other considerations for both cash games and tournaments. But in general, you should only go all-in preflop with a strong premium hand like AA, KK, QQ, or AK when the stacks are as big as in a cash game.

Should you call all in with AK?

Most of the time you shouldn’t be willing to go all-in in a pot with only one raise (meaning there was only one pre-flop raise and one call). It’s better to just call with your AK instead, control the size of the pot and try to get a relatively cheap showdown.

How often does AK win?

Of course, AK doesn’t always hit the flop… in fact, it misses the flop an average of 2/3 of the time. This is very common for unpaired Broadway hands, so knowing how to play when the hand misses the flop is crucial.

What are the odds of different poker hands?

Is 22 better than AK?

In fact, 22 has a slight advantage over AK when all-in preflop as it is a 52% favorite (assuming nothing is known about the suits of the hands). Outs are cards that a hand must have (in Holdem and other flop games on the board) to win.

How often does the board pair after the flop?

As we have already seen, an unpaired flop will be paired on the turn about 1/5 times and an unpaired board will be paired on the river about 1/4 of the time.

How do you play KK?

Can you ever fold pocket kings preflop?

Yes, you should on some rare occasions with 100 big blind stack sizes in a full ring poker game fold against a 4bet preflop to pocket kings when all the action is in early position. In a 6max poker game, you should never fold pocket kings preflop for 100 big blinds.

What are the odds of AK vs QQ?

QQ Equity vs. QQ+, AK is 40% so we have a clearly profitable call, but in practice it might not be great to see a flop. Quite often we see an overcard that can put the bad guy in the lead, and if the bad guy has some bluff range, there’s a nightmarish chance that we could be forced to fold the best hand after investing so much.

How often does an ace hit the flop?

in no-limit hold’em hands that can sometimes prevent us from playing a sensible strategy and also steal our dreams, especially when a higher card falls on the flop. , there is a better than 41% chance of an ace or king flopping.

Do aces Beat Kings?

If two players have the same pair, a kicker will be used to break the tie whenever possible (more on that soon). When two players have two pairs, the highest pairs are considered, for example aces up always beat kings up, regardless of the other pairs.

Is Ace King better than kings?

Ace-King is a good preflop hand, especially when it’s suited. Against any pair that is less than a pair of kings, the odds are around 50-50, also known as a “coin flip”. Ace-King can therefore be considered a favorite against any unpaired hand. However, it has less chance of winning against a pair of aces or kings.

How often do you flop a flush draw?

However, flush draws are much more common, so it pays to know the odds of flopping four of the five cards required to make a flush. The most useful information here is that we flop a flush draw about 11% of the time when we start with a suited hand.

What hands should I fold preflop?

This is usually when a number of other players have limped in front of you, giving you a better chance of seeing a flop. The best hands to limp are strong draw hands such as suited cards containing an ace or king, or any connecting card that can make a straight.



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