What Are the Homestuck Quadrants?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 7, 2022

What is a quadrant homestuck?

Quadrants are the method of classifying relationships in the troll romance system in Homestuck. The trolls have a specific, complicated romance system that differs from the human understanding of romance. The system is divided into four “quadrants”: Matespritship, Moirallegiance, Kismesissitude, and Auspisticism.

What is a Matespritship?

When two individuals find themselves together in the washed quadrant, they are referred to as MATESPRITS. Partnership is the closest parallel to the human concept of romance that trolls have. It plays a role in the reproductive cycle of trolls, just as it does in humans.” — Homestuck, p. 2394.

What is a Morail in homestuck?

Nonetheless, moirails still feel some form of love or affection for one another, and in many cases, especially young trolls, it can be unclear whether a relationship is a moiral alegiance, just “a bond that exists between them an acquaintance”, or “romantic intentions of a flushed nature” .

What are Homestuck trolls?

Trolls are a humanoid race of aliens appearing in Homestuck, Hiveswap, and related media, originating from the planets Alternia and Beforus that exist in universes separate from Earth.

What is Gamzee God tier?

Gamzee was later seen in Ministrife. in his full Cod-Tier outfit. Although he didn’t murder anyone, he was very mean. He poked fun at Terezi’s blindness, which unfortunately partially caused her to lose sight.

How does Terezi type?

It uses commas, question marks and exclamation marks and apostrophes, beginning in act 6, act 6, pause 4. Does not use dots (except as “…”) and like Karkat uses asterisks for emphasis.

What is an Auspistice?

An Auspistice is a type of “mediator” between a couple, facilitating interactions between them and keeping their relationship functional.

What is a Moirail?

•Faded Quadrant• Moirallegiance is a process that occurs between a troll and its “Moirail” (aka Palemate). It’s a form of guardianship, but it’s not just about being platonic soul mates forever. You are a protector of the heart of your moirail. They keep each other on the ground.

What is a Blackrom?

Blackrom or Black Romance is the opposite and is mainly based on negative emotions like rivalry and competition.

How old is Equius?

Equius currently resides in the Troll Treehive of Garden Sector 14. Age: 6 solar cycles (equivalent to approximately 13 Earth years). Origins: Homestuck.

What do the Homestuck symbols mean?

Each zodiac sign represented a personality type, with a person’s personality supposedly being determined by the zodiac sign that most influenced them at birth.

What genre is Homestuck?

What is Homestuck? It’s a webcomic. It is also one of the most spectacular pop culture phenomena of the last decade, loved by millions of readers: a unique and massive internet-based narrative work composed of comics, chat logs, GIFs, games, animations and music.

How do trolls have babies?

Troll eggs are also kept in the troll’s hair, and so troll babies are born in the safety of their parents’ hair. This can be seen in both the pop trolls and the country trolls.

How long does it take to read Homestuck?

It would take the average reader, reading at a speed of 300 WPM, 5 days, 14 hours and 56 minutes to read Homestuck by Andrew Hussie.

Why does sunlight troll to stone?

The trolls of Middle-earth were created by Morgoth in the Star Age. Tolkien’s early letters suggest that trolls were made of stone, and a dark spell placed on them will turn them back to stone if much light touches them.

What is tavros god tier?

After death

After his death he visited. Coin Dave in a dream bubble, along with a god level Aradia. Tavros seemed incredibly excited to finally meet Dave in person, even though he was a dead temporal replica.

Do all god tier trolls have wings?

Karkat and Kankri were not shown in any of their divine tier outfits with wings. Whether they are hidden, too small to be seen, or absent is unknown. Kanaya and Porrim have the same wings as their virgin mother, Grub lusus.

What is Dirks god tier?

Lalondes and Trolls

Dirk takes this a step further as his colors are an inversion of Rose’s colors: while she has purple text and god-level orange robes, Dirk has orange text and purple robes the god level .

What did Gamzee do to Terezi?

The more far-reaching consequences for Terezi may indeed have been the result of deliberate manipulation by Gamzee to convince her (among other things) to allow her eyes to heal in order to blind her “sight” before the Meteor entered the eight. Player Session.



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