What Are the Best Sand Socks for Volleyball?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 19, 2022

Can you wear socks in sand volleyball?

Sand socks allow volleyball players to play safely on hot sand or terrain that would otherwise result in cuts, blisters or burns.

What shoes should I wear for sand volleyball?

For shoes, players usually play barefoot. However, since beach volleyball is usually played outside, the sand can get hot and possibly injure your feet. Sand socks are a great way to prevent burns, keep your feet cool and give you a secure footing in the sand.

What should I wear to cold sand volleyball?

Our players typically opt for a simple long-sleeved yet breathable shirt and lightweight sweatpants. Every piece of clothing should be flexible to move quickly and easily around the volleyball court.

How do you keep your feet warm in sand volleyball?

1) Socks: Make sure you’ve found a good pair of sand socks. Don’t bother with sand socks made for volleyball, get a pair of neoprene boots. They should be 5mm thick, not 3, and on really cold days you can wear a pair of wool socks indoors!

Do sand socks work?

You can still feel the heat, but it keeps blisters from forming. The socks stay on even if you dive everywhere and they keep the sand out too. You can even wear them in winter when the sand is freezing to keep your feet warm.

How do beach volleyball players keep their feet cool?

Cool your feet while braking

You can do this by simply applying water to your feet from time to time, the water will make the sand stick to your feet, adds another extra layer between your feet and the hot sand.

What do I need for sand volleyball?

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