What Are Some Fun Bet Ideas?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 24, 2022

What is a good bet with friends?

Anyway, some examples of bets with friends involving fitness are: Over or under a certain number of pull-ups. Run a mile in a given time. Overcome a jump on your bike.

What are some good punishments for bets?

What should I bet my crush?

What is a cute bet?

Some of the most creative and fun betting ideas for couples include: Let the loser sing karaoke. Getting the loser to tell an embarrassing story. Making the loser do anything you say for a day. Let the winner choose all of the weekend’s activities.

What’s the best thing to bet on?

What should I bet my man?

What is the justification for punishment?

Justifications for punishment include retaliation, deterrence, rehabilitation and incapacitation. The latter could include measures such as isolation to prevent the offender from having contact with potential victims, or removing a hand to make theft more difficult.



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