What Are Shirttail Relatives?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 9, 2022

It is usually said to refer to someone who is by marriage or only distantly related, e.g. a fourth cousin, or a family friend with honorary relative status. It’s pretty common in the US and has been since the 1950’s or so.

What is the meaning of shirttail relative?

1 : very young : immature shirttail cubs fishing in the creek. 2 : distant and indefinitely related a down-to-earth paternal cousin. 3 : small, trivial or short, typically to the point of inadequacy has a gulled shirttail ranch in the hills.

What is shirttail cousin?

shirt-tail cousin in British English

(ˈʃɜːtˌteɪl ˈkʌzən ) noun. US informal. a distant cousin.

What is shirttail journalism?

the part of a shirt below the waist. Journalism. a short article added at the end of a relevant newspaper article.

What is a synonym for shirttail?

Holonyms for Shirttail:

Newspaper article, news article, news article.

What are shirt tails used for?

The Shirt Tails were a mid-19th-century street gang from the Five Points slum in Manhattan, New York, USA, who wore their shirts on the outside of their pants like 19th-century Chinese workers wore clothing as insignia and as a sign of gang group membership.

What does Folo mean in journalism?

Follow-up, folo (also pronounced “follow”): We also called this a second-day story, which is basically a look at the aftermath of a particular story. If your company is featured in a story and you want to add more information later, put up a folo and impress a reporter.

Why do journalists put 30 at the end of an article?

The number 30 was used in Western Union’s “92 Code”, issued in 1859, as an abbreviation for “end” or “no more”. These policies were intended to reduce bandwidth over increasingly busy telegraph lines. In addition to using “30” for “the end”, a telegraph operator might use abbreviations such as: 2 for “very important”

What is b copy in journalism?

B copy. Lower section of a story written before an event that occurs too close to the deadline for the entire story to be processed. hit.

What year did shirt Tales come out?

Why is it called a lede?

The introduction to a news article is called a “lede” and is usually in the first paragraph as in an essay. The ‘lede’ is a deliberate misspelling of ‘blei’ to avoid confusion in the days when lead type was used for printing.

What are the 7 types of journalism?

What is P to C in journalism?

In television and film, a piece in front of the camera (PTC) is when a television presenter or character speaks directly to the viewer through the camera.



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