Were Sent or Were Send?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 17, 2022

was sent” – is correct. It’s passive. In the passive past participle of the verb used. Thanks for reading.

Was sent or was send Which is correct?

‘Send’ and ‘sent’ are different forms of the same verb. “Sent” is the past tense and present participle, while “senden” is the present perfect.

How do you write it was sent or send?

The word “send” is the present tense of the verb, while the word “send” is the past tense and the past tense of the verb. 3. Both have progressive forms, using the word “send” in its present form and the word “sent” in its earlier form. 4.

Are Sent meaning?

Sent is defined as having transmitted or delivered. An example of sending something is posting an invoice yesterday.

Was sent or had sent?

Both sentences mean the same thing, someone sent you messages that made you happy. The use of had sent (perfect) indicates that the sender stopped sending before the next action: that you were overwhelmed.

Where can we use were?

For the past indicative second person and all plural forms use were. “They were in the stadium” and “You conceded the whole game.” Both singular and plural forms were also used for the hypothetical or fantastic subjunctive, as in “If they brought back popcorn, I would eat it.”

Was sent home meaning?

▲ Past tense for to forcibly remove someone from somewhere. packaging sent. excluded.

Has to be sent or send?

to send” is the correct usage. To be verbs always followed by the past participle. The past participle of “to send” is “sent”. So the correct form is “to send”.

How do I say I have sent mail?

Here are ways I would write this idea, depending on whether you mean regular mail or email: POST – “I mailed it to you.” POST – “I sent you a package.” or “I sent you a letter.” POST – “I sent it in the mail.”

Which is correct I already sent or I already send?

Only use the word already when referring to a specific point in time, an event that is fully completed, or to indicate surprise at the passage of time.



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