Should You Size Up or Down in Triangl?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 7, 2022

Their tops are minimal in terms of fabric and coverage, so I recommend sizing up. I range between small and medium for triangle pants, so they run truer to size than the tops (just consider the material and style).

What is a small ++ in Triangl?

Our sizes S+ and S++ are for girls with a small underbust and larger cup size: S+ bust size: 93-98 cm. S++ Bust: 99-104 cm. Waist 67-70 cm. Hip 93-96 cm.

How do you measure Triangl?

Does Triangl have free returns?

We offer a 14-day hassle-free return policy on your bikini. The item(s) must be in their original condition and the return label and hygiene seal must be present. Items must not have been worn, washed or altered in any way. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns that do not meet the above requirements.

Is Triangl swim good?

Overview. TRIANGL has a consumer rating of 1.83 stars from 135 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally unhappy with their purchases. Consumers who complain about TRIANGL most often mention problems with customer service, swimsuit and return policy. TRIANGL is ranked 184th among swimwear websites.

How do you exchange Triangl?

To initiate a return, simply complete the returns form on our website within 14 days of receiving your package using the email address you used to process your order. Once your RA number has been assigned, the product must be received back from TRIANGL within 14 days.

What size should I order in Triangl?

What type of triangle is triangle ABC?

ABC in the given figure is a equilateral triangle whose sides are all equal. AB=BC=CA. (i) A triangle in which all three angles are acute is called an acute triangle. ∠ABC, ∠ACB, and ∠BAC are all acute angles.

Does Triangl run small?

In general I think Triangl definitely runs a bit small and the material is very unique. The original fabric is neoprene, which isn’t as stretchy as typical swimwear. An exception is her velvet bikini, which has more stretch.

Is Triangl shipping fast?

TRIANGL uses Fedex for all orders. We usually deliver all orders within 3-5 working days. Occasionally there may be delays due to customs clearance processes which are beyond our control.

Is Triangl ethical?

This brand provides insufficient relevant information on how to reduce its impact on people, planet and animals. You have the right to know how the products you buy are affecting the issues that matter to you. Triangl is rated ‘We avoid’ overall.



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