Should You Kill the Tree Spirit Witcher 3?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 31, 2022

If you kill the spirit in the tree, the town of Downwarren will survive. You might be able to save the Baron’s wife during Return to Crookback Bog and the Baron might survive too. Your survival depends on your decisions during this side quest.

Should I kill the Whispering tree Witcher 3?

You can still free the spirit by starting the ritual, tricking the tree, or killing the spirit. Freeing the ghost or tricking it will end the quest. If you decide to kill it, a fight with it will start. Killing him ends the quest.

Should I release the tree spirit Witcher 3?

Ghost is Free: When the Ghost is freed, it saves the children from the Crones and eventually puts them in the care of Marabella in Novigrad. However, the spirit attacks Downwarren and kills most of the villagers.

What do I do with the spirit of the tree Witcher 3?

Just exit the cave and follow your marker to find the woman’s remains. From there follow the marker to an open field where you will encounter a herd of wild horses. Approach them slowly and use the Axii sign to tame one of the horses. Ride the horse back to the tree spirit to free the spirit.

What happens if you kill the tree spirit before meeting the Crones?

Forum veteran. If you save Spirit before hitting Crones, kids will die. Spirit will save her only as a bargaining chip with you, but she doesn’t care what happens to them. She wants revenge on the village , and on Crones who killed her and cursed her into this form.

Should I trust the Whispering Hillock?

Whispering Hill is pretty much our last required stop for this visit to Velen; It will complete Family Matters as well as the entire Velen sequence of the In Ciri’s Footsteps quest. Don’t worry, exiting doesn’t close any leads or activities.

Should I save Anna or the orphans?

Based on the evaluation, the optimal decision if players want to save the Downwarren villagers, the Baron and Anna would be to kill the spirit in the tree. However, this opens up another can of worms for the orphans of Crookback Bog.

Can you stop the Baron from hanging himself?

For the baron to die after Return to Crookback Bog, all you have to do is unleash the spirit in the tree during the main quest line. While this decision can kill the Baron, you can still influence how it ends.

Is there a way to save Anna Witcher 3?

There is no way to save both. Anna is specifically punished because the children escaped. Saving them means leaving them where they are, most likely already eaten by the time Geralt returns with the Baron for Anna.

What happens if you go with the baron to the swamp?

Upon arrival in the swampy village the baron will return with his daughter Tamara and several witch hunters. After searching the village, they find Anna under a powerful curse, transformed into a hideous water witch.

How do you save both Anna and the orphans?

Killing the Crones and freeing the Ghost will save the children (and Anna). However, this comes at a price: the villagers of Downwarren are slaughtered. There is no black or white outcome, you should choose the lesser evil by following the philosophy of the Witcher books.

How do you save Anna and Baron?

Can you save the baron and his wife?

When the company arrives, they find them in a wacky state as a result of Geralt’s actions in The Whispering Hill. However, the Baron remains confident that he can save his wife by taking her to a hermit in the Blue Mountains.



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