Is There Anything Special About a 1988 Penny?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 20, 2022

Are pennies from 1988 worth anything?

Most 1988 pennies in circulated condition are only worth their face value of $0.01. These coins can only sell for a premium in uncirculated condition. The 1988 penny with no mint mark and the 1988 D penny are each worth around $0.30 in uncirculated condition with an MS 65 grade.

What years of pennies are special?

What error pennies are worth the most?

What is a 1888 penny worth?

How do you clean a penny?

What penny is worth $1000000?

The first 1943 copper cent was sold in 1958 for more than $40,000. In 1996, another went for a whopping $82,500. But those sales pale in comparison with the latest: this week, a dealer in New Jersey sold his 1943 penny for a staggering $1.7 million.

What penny is worth $50000?

The 1959-D wheat penny is one of the most controversial mule coins ever. It’s worth $50,000!

What year pennies have no mint mark?

No mint marks appeared on circulating coins from 1965 to 1967. The Coinage Act of 1965 eliminated mint marks to discourage collecting while the Mint worked to meet the country’s coinage needs. Mint marks were placed on the reverse of coins until 1968 when they moved to the obverse.

What coins are valuable in 2021?

How can you tell if a penny is rare?

How much is a 2021 error penny worth?

Rare Lincoln penny minted in 2021 sells for $274 online – is there one in your pocket? A PENNY minted last year with a unique error has sold for $273.88 online. Many coins can gain value as antiques or collector’s items because of their age, but some coins are immensely valuable because of mistakes made by the mint.



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