Is There a Real Steel Video Game?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 4, 2022

REAL STEEL THE VIDEO GAME [XBOX360/PS3] – CLASH OF THE CHAMPIONS (ATOM vs. ZEUS) A robot boxing game based on the REAL STEEL movie. Take on the role of a robot owner and fight against various competing robots to become the champion of robot boxing.

Is there a Real Steel game?

The ONLY official Real Steel game on the App Store. A hit with over 6 million downloads across all platforms. Based on the Dreamworks film starring Hugh Jackman, Real Steel is a near-future underworld fighting game in which 2,000-pound robots fight to the death in an all-out fight.

Can you still buy the Real Steel video game?

“The Real Steel downloadable game will be retired on 2/9/2017.

What happened to the Real Steel game?

Original Story

The Real Steel downloadable game will be discontinued on 02/09/2017.

Who made Real Steel the video game?

It’s the latest in a series of mobile games from Real Steel that have reportedly reached around 50 million players worldwide. The game is developed and published by Reliance Games, who also developed Real Steel WRB.

What app is Real Steel on?

Stream Real Steel Online | Hulu (free trial)

Is World robot boxing a real thing?

The history of robot boxing is full of contrasting personalities. The sport was born at Raiden’s Koma Club in Tokyo’s Akihabara. Raiden carefully cultivated the bot boxing community, offering scraps from fights at the club to help local designers break into the industry.

Can you still download Real Steel on Xbox 360?

Answers (4)  Unfortunately the game was delisted earlier this year. There is no longer a way to buy it.

What was wrong with noisy boy?

Due to voice command controls combined with many preset moves, he cannot directly respond to his opponent’s moves and will not respond to moves he is not programmed to recognize. p >

Is Real Steel on PC?

Real Steel on PC

Developed by Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited, Real Steel has historically run on Android systems. Now you can easily play Real Steel on PC with Gameloop. Download it in the Gameloop library or in the search results.

Why did Zeus win in Real Steel?

At the end of the game there is no clear winner as none of the robots were completely defeated and always managed to survive to the next round. Because of this, the decision is now up to the judges and their score. Zeus wins the match by a narrow margin, but Atom has also made a name for himself.

Is there a Real Steel game for PS3?

REAL STEEL THE VIDEO GAME [PS3/XBOX360]-THE ORIGINAL ROBOTS VS TWINS (ATOM, AMBUSH, NOISY BOY) A robot boxing game based on the REAL STEEL movie. Take on the role of a robot owner and fight against various competing robots to become the champion of robot boxing.

Can I play Real Steel with friends?

Real Steel, with over 10 million downloads to date, is now available with a brand new multiplayer mode! Challenge your friends or random players in this exciting turn-based multiplayer game.

Is Real Steel 2 coming out?

Real Steel 2 talks are finally happening with Hugh Jackman, says director Shawn Levy. Real Steel 2 is still a possibility. This October marks the tenth anniversary of Real Steel, the robot boxing drama starring Hugh Jackman and directed by Shawn Levy.

How tall is Midas in Real Steel?

Approximately 420mm high. Due to the nature of the paint used on this figurine, the paint may not be fully dry when the product packaging is opened.

Does Atom beat Zeus?

Atom was defeated by Zeus in a battle that would acclaim him as People’s Champion. He lost due to the judge’s score, being knocked down four times while Zeus was knocked out only once in the end.



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