Is the Fallen Optimus Prime Brother?

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The Fallen One was one of the Thirteen Primes, his name was formerly Megatronus. The rest of the seven Primes were brothers of the fallen and related to Optimus Prime. Remember when Optimus and the Fallen fought, the Fallen said “Die like your brothers” to which Optimus replied “There were your brothers too”.

Is Optimus and fallen brothers?

Angrily, The Fallen ordered Optimus to join his brothers in their deaths and Optimus replied that they were his brothers too and the two engaged in a bitter duel, but it soon became clear that Optimus was strong enough to face the fallen.

Does Optimus Prime have any siblings?

Even the live-action film shows Optimus and Megatron being brothers, and in the related Nintendo DS game it is mentioned that Megatron has “taken over the spark” from her father.

Is Ultra Magnus Optimus Prime’s brother?

Ultra Magnus was created by Alpha Trion and launched at exactly the same moment as his brother, Optimus Prime. Both served with distinction during the Cybertronian Civil Wars, presumably against the Predacons.

Is Optimus Prime and Bumblebee brothers?

Optimus and Bumblebee remain close friends. Optimus is a mentor and father figure to Bumblebee. They share a common history during the war on Cybertron and on Earth. They continued their relationship from Transformers: Prime to Transformers: Robots in Disguise.

Who is Bumblebee’s brother?

Hot Rod is an arrogant Autobot and Bumblebee’s battle companion and partner.

Who is Optimus Prime’s son?

A son. His name was Sky Rocket (rocket for short). He loved being with his parents, playing with his friends and little sister Jade (who was born eight years later), and training with Megatronous (Megatron).

Is Megatron Prime’s brother?

Although Megatron is indeed descended from Primus, just like his brother, he was not chosen as the leader of the Autobots, so he is not considered Prime despite having the correct blood/oil /energon.< /p>

Who is Optimus Prime’s wife?

Optimus prime with his wife elita when they found out they are going to have a child | Transformers Graphics, Optimus Prime, Transformers Art.

Does bumblebee have a sister?

We all know Bumblebee, but not everyone knows that he has a sister, let alone a twin. Both siblings were separated the longest and Scarlet was in a pod floating through space.

Who is above Optimus Prime?

Who is more powerful than Optimus Prime?

1 Grimlock

Grimlock is certainly the strongest of all Transformers in the first two seasons. From the moment of creation, his ferocity, brute strength, and heavy armor combined with his low intellect make him an unstoppable force, nearly killing Optimus Prime himself.

Who is Optimus Prime’s second in command?

Jazz then became a mainstay throughout the show’s first two seasons, serving as Optimus Prime’s second-in-command (although Ironhide and Prowl seemed to share that role with him). In the episode “Autobots Attack,” he and Bumblebee were the only Autobots who escaped being brainwashed.

Who is Bumblebee’s dad?

Bumblebee (2018) – Tim Martin Gleason as Charlies Vater – IMDb.

Is Hot Rod bumblebees brother?

Hot Rod is one of the Autobots appearing in the Dark of the Moon toyline and making its screen appear in Transformers: The Last Knight. He is said to be brash, slightly arrogant, and a protector. He was also Bumblebee’s comrade-in-arms.

Who is the oldest transformer?

From Transformers Wiki

Alpha Trion is an Autobot in the Transformers Animated Continuity family. “I’m Alpha Trion!” Billions of stellar cycles before the Decepticon movement was even conceived, Alpha Trion fought countless Cybertronian battles. He may be the oldest Transformer known.

Is Sideswipe and Sunstreaker brothers?

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were fraternal twin brothers.

Who is Optimus Prime’s Mom?

June Darby – Transformers Wiki.

Does Starscream have siblings?

Starscream was born in one of the Seekers’ sky cities. He is the first born son of two mares and lived a happy and joyous childhood. He also has two younger brothers, Skywarp and ThunderCracker.



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