Is Surstromming Illegal?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 2, 2022

Surstromming: The most disgusting (and sometimes illegal) fish you can eat.

Is surströmming banned?

THE traditional Swedish dish “Surströmming” or canned fermented Baltic herring has now been added to the list of dangerous weapons such as shoe bombs, firearms and knives banned in airlines, Swedish newspaper aftonbladet reported. see.

Where is surströmming banned?

The sale of a typically Swedish delicacy has been banned at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm after airlines raised concerns it could pose a safety risk. Fermented herring surstromming is a pungent delicacy sold in cans that swell on storage.

Can you travel with surströmming?

A can of surstromming is undeniably an original souvenir, but before you start stuffing your bags with the stuff, be warned; several airlines, including BA, have banned it on the grounds that the pressurized cans could explode on board.

Can you get sick from surströmming?

Although the smell can make you ill, surströmming is safe to eat. The smell is not from rotten fish but from the fermentation of the fish. What is that? Fermented foods, and especially fermented fish, have numerous benefits.

Does surströmming expire?

Surstromming is a delicacy when eaten properly.

We always sell Surstromming well within the sell-by dates. The cans are stamped “Bäst före” which means it is recommended to use them before this date. Surstromming may age like wine, but if stored too long it will disintegrate.

What does surströmming taste like?

How does Surstromming taste? Well, the Swedes are right – it really doesn’t taste as bad as it smells. Unsurprisingly, it has a fishy taste, but with the pungent flavor of a good blue cheese. It’s certainly an acquired taste, but most Swedes love it – and you might enjoy it, too.

Do they still make surströmming?

Can you buy surströmming in the UK?

Where can I buy surstromming in the UK? It’s usually difficult to find places that sell this aged delicacy. Luckily you have found our webshop where you can buy surstromming and have it shipped to any city in the UK and even most parts of the world.

What does surströmming smell like?

Surströmming (let’s say “soor-stroh-ming”) is canned fish from Sweden. It is fermented (pickled in brine for two months) before being canned and sold. Fermenting the fish creates a strong smell of rotten eggs.

Why do Swedes eat rotten fish?

There are many theories as to how surströmming became part of Swedish culinary culture. The most colorful story goes back to Swedish seafarers in the 16. century. Sailors ran out of salt – commonly used to preserve food – and their barrels of herring began to go bad.

How do you store surströmming?

The cans must be stored in the fridge as fermentation continues inside the can, causing the can to bulge noticeably. (The can on the top left is more than 12 months old and bulges significantly more than the 1-month-old can on the right.)

Can surströmming explode?

According to the BBC a can of surstromming can explode. If that were true, shouldn’t the military be using these? Usually when a can of surstromming is really swollen to almost a round shape it can leak and if punctured in this condition a squirt of surstromming juice will spurt out.



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