Is Spoils of Pandaria Optional?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 21, 2022

Is it possible to solo Spoils of Pandaria?

Boss (Spoils of Pandaria) cannot be soloed after completing the first segment, when clicking the hook to advance to the next segment even after waiting for language lines will cause Spoils to complete the raid (also known as I the Solo Disc Priest).

What do you say to Spoils of Pandaria?

Secured stash of pandaren loot yells: “Armageddon” class defenses fully online.

How do you do Spoils of Pandaria?

To get to the loot of Pandaria, go to the ship “Breath of Pa’ku” which is moored on the “Isle of Fangs”. Then go right in and immediately below deck. Go to the other side of the prison and down the stairs there. Then go to the other side and you will find the loot from Pandaria to the right of the counter.

How do you get to the Spoils of Pandaria in Siege of Orgrimmar?

Where do I go after killing THOK the bloodthirsty?

After killing Thok, return to the Nexus of the Underworld. The entrance to the Blackfuse area is the large door directly in front of you. Go through the door [insert skippable cutscene here] and kill the trash.

How do I navigate Siege of Orgrimmar?

Where is THOK the bloodthirsty?



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