Is Shock Top Like Blue Moon?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 30, 2022

The main difference between Shock Top and Blue Moon is that Blue Moon is 0.2 and two calories higher than Shock Top in terms of alcohol content. Blue Moon has a thick texture with a slightly acidic fizz, while the medium-bodied Shock Top has a low fizz.

Is Shock Top and Blue Moon similar?

Blue Moon at 5.4% ABV is also light and cloudy, but offers a freshly squeezed orange profile with hints of coriander. Medium bodied and unfiltered, Shock Top is bottled at 5.2% with mild lime, coriander and orange flavors.

What beer is comparable to Blue Moon?

If you like the taste of Blue Moon – or Hoegaarden, another popular example – and want to broaden your horizons, look for (and ask for) Witbier, Weißbier or Hefeweizen in your local bar . Bar or beer shop.

What beer is like Shock Top?

Blue Moon is currently the number one craft beer in the United States. This incredibly popular Belgian-style unfiltered wheat beer is brewed by Coors in Denver, Colorado and has an ABV of 5.4%. Along with Shock Top, this is probably the most common beer that makes people fall in love with wheat beers.

What does Shock Top taste like?

Flavour: “Malty-sweet with a bit of acidity and some coriander. Nice sweet profile of fruity notes, orange, citrus with floral and peppery notes. Medium wheat character and balanced earthy hop aromas. Slight smoothness on the tongue.

Is Blue Moon a girly beer?

Blue Moon Belgian White Beer has a citrus note thanks to white wheat, oats, coriander and orange peel used in the brewing. Orange slices are usually served with it to allow the orange flavor to come through. Consequently, this beer has a girly appeal in contrast to a pungent flavor and concentration.

Is Shock Top an amber beer?

Nice head, deep amber/pale orange colour.

Is shock top a good beer?

It’s a pretty good beer, it’s not overpriced and I like the orange flavor. In a way it’s similar to Blue Moon, but both are good. I would buy it again, in fact I’ve been buying it regularly for a number of years. I’ve been drinking Shock Top for a few years now.

What IPA is similar to Blue Moon?

Why is Blue Moon so good?

Flavour: “Good balance between acidity and malt background with a creamy mouthfeel. Coriander and some spicy pepper notes. Good balance of citrus-orange sweetness with peppery and spicy flavors. A bit too thick and chewy for the style, but nice acidic carbonation.”

How popular is Blue Moon?

In 2018 and several years prior, Nielsen and IRI named Blue Moon the Best Selling Craft Beer in America. Its sales are undeniably tops, but owning Big Beer means the Brewers Association and many craft beer fans definitely don’t consider it “craft”.

Are Blue Moon and Belgian moon the same?

If you try to order a Blue Moon in Canada, you may get strange looks. Although the same beer is sold in Canada, it doesn’t share the same name. American Blue Moon means Belgian Moon north of the border.

Is Blue Moon a hoppy beer?

From the CAN: “Blue Moon Brewing Company * Est. 1995”; “Brewed with four hop varieties[.] For our unfiltered white IPA, we complemented the citrus hop character with wheat and a hint of orange zest. Then we dry hopped it with Cascade, Citra and Huell Melon hops for a light hop aromaHoppy.

How long does Shock Top last?

In many cases, shock heads don’t last as long as other spirits because beers have a lower alcohol content. About six months is the ideal time for beers to reach their peak. The beer will keep for around six to nine months if it is kept refrigerated.

Is Shock Top a craft beer?

A Belgian wheat beer called Shock Top is the fastest growing craft beer in the US, according to Moody’s.

What alcohol percentage is Blue Moon?

Blue Moon Belgian White Ale Beer is a Belgian-style wheat beer. Crisp and sparkling with a subtle citrus sweetness, this wheat beer has an alcohol content of 5.4%. Full of tangy orange fruitiness, this citrus beer has a creamy body and a slightly spicy wheat aroma.

What is the manliest beer?

What is the Girliest beer?

And the most “girly” beer of them all? This distinction applies to sour/American wild beers, which women were 75% more likely than men to name as their favorites.

What is the smoothest beer?

Is Shock Top zest a seltzer?

Brewed with real orange and lemon zest, Shock Top Zest is a light bodied, smooth and lemony wheat beer with 90 calories 3.1 carbs.



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