Is Room Essentials a Target Brand?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 22, 2022

Room Essentials is a line of modernist home furnishings created and sold by American retailer Target.

Who makes the brand room essentials?

Designed by Target’s own product design and development (PD&D) team, the updated Room Essentials line is more modern – from the logo and packaging to the range itself.

What store has the brand room essentials?

Room Essentials is the exclusive brand of Target.

Where are room essentials made?

Mom was right: It’s the content that counts. The outer packaging for Target’s Room Essentials pillows claimed that the pillows were “Made in USA.” However, the pillows were marked “Made in China” on the inside, according to a recent FTC investigation into the retailer’s “Made in the USA” marketing.

Are room essentials water bottles BPA free?

Perfect for enjoying your favorite cold beverage on the go, this water bottle features an integrated strap and is easy to hold and carry. Made from BPA-free materials.

How many ounces are in a target cup?

16 ounce plastic cup: Target.



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