Is Quidditch a Proper Noun?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 4, 2022

“Quidditch” is not a properly used word in English (or any other language like French), so it should be capitalized (or at least italicized or enclosed in double quotes).

Is Quidditch a real word?

Just ask in the Oxford Dictionaries. J.K. Rowling may have invented the word “Quidditch,” but Oxford Dictionaries gave the wizard word a whole new definition when it was included in its venerable tome on Tuesday.

Should wizard be capitalized?

The only exception to this rule is when the first word of the title is not important. The first made-up word or book title is always capitalized, no matter what the word is. For example in the movie The Wizard of Oz the word das is capitalized because it is the first word of the title.

How do you capitalize Harry Potter?

Titles and relationships are only capitalized if they become part of or take the place of a proper noun.

Why is Muggle capitalized?

Generally it is used by members of a group to describe people outside the group, similar to civilians used by military personnel. While muggle is capitalized throughout the books, it is often mostly lowercase in other applications.

How did Quidditch get its name?

In the real world, the word “Quidditch”, which existed long before Harry Potter, appears in some English place names and appears to come from the Anglo-Saxon cwǣð-dīc = “mud ditch”. A street in Lower Cambourne, Cambridgeshire, England is named Quidditch Lane, supposedly after a type of nearby dry ditch called Quidditch.

Why did Harry stop playing Quidditch?

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry because of the ongoing fight with Professor Umbridge was banned from the Quidditch team along with Fred and George Weasley; so Angelina had to develop a mid-season replacement for her Seeker and both Drivers.

Should Quidditch be Capitalised?

“Quidditch” is not a properly used word in English (or any other language like French), so it should be capitalized (or at least italicized or enclosed in double quotes). p>

Is Dad capitalized?

Even when a title is not used to address someone directly, it always acts as a proper noun – and should be capitalized – when replacing a person’s name. For example, in the sentence I went fishing with Dad this morning, the word Dad is capitalized even though the speaker is not speaking directly to his father.

Which words do you not capitalize in a title?

The capitalization rules are fairly standard: capitalize the first and last word. Capitalize nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs (including phrasal verbs like “play with”), adverbs, and subordinate conjunctions. Lowercase articles (a, an, the), coordinating conjunctions and prepositions (regardless of length).

Is Death Eater a proper noun?

Always capitalize:

Class Names (Potions, History of Magic, Polymorph, Arithmancy) Dark (Marrow, Lord, Wizard, Arts, Magic) Death Eaters.

Should Harry Potter be italicized?

But what if you’re referring to a series of novels? In this case, each individual book title is in italics: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, etc. However, the title of the series is not in italics: Harry Potter series.

Is Sorting Hat capitalized?

I understand why the Sorting Hat is capitalized since it is a proper noun created by the author (just like Muggle or Quidditch are capitalized.)

What is a female wizard called in Harry Potter?

Wizards and witches in Harry Potter’s world

In Rowling’s stories, wizards and witches are simply two ways of referring to the same thing: a person with magical powers. Wizard applies to men, witch applies to women, a distinction quite common in English.

Is Lily Potter a Muggle?

Harry Potter’s mother, Lily Evans, and his best friend, Hermione Granger, were Muggleborn. Unlike children from wizarding families, who receive their Hogwarts acceptance letter by owl, a Hogwarts employee usually delivers the letter personally to Muggleborns to meet and explain to their Muggle parents.

Is Harry Potter pure-blood?

Harry James Potter has half-blood status in Rowling’s imaginary wizarding world because his mother is Muggleborn and his father is pure-blood.

Is the golden snitch alive?

Flesh Memory

In Harry Potter’s very first fight against Slytherin, during the 1991-1992 school year, he caught the Snitch in his mouth. After his death, Albus Dumbledore left Harry with the first golden snitch he caught.

Who invented Quidditch in real life?

Quidditch, also known as Quidditch, is a sport in which two teams of seven players sit on broomsticks and is played on an ice-rink-sized pitch. The sport originated at Middlebury College in Vermont in 2005 and was inspired by the fictional game of Quidditch in the Harry Potter books by author J. K. Rowling.

Is Quidditch the only sport in Harry Potter?

The only organized physical activity in the Harry Potter books seems to be the Quidditch Cup. The teams for this are very small (even assuming a reserve for each position, there are only 14 players per house times 4 houses – that’s not many students).

Who is the best Quidditch player?



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