Is Orchestra or Balcony Seating Better?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 29, 2022

Orchestra seats will get you closest to the stage, but if you’re on the mezzanine or balcony you can get a wider and more expansive view of the stage from a little higher up, especially compared to a section like the side band where you may be closer but may not have a full view of another side of the stage.

Are orchestra seats the best seats?

Orchestra Section

Considered the best tickets in the house, these seats are located on the main level of the theater and provide the seating closest to the stage.

Are balcony seats good at a concert?

The balcony seats will probably be the cheapest choice, but won’t be great seats. You would probably need to bring binoculars or opera glasses. When the theater has only one upper level, it is usually called “Balcony”. The first few rows on the mezzanine are usually closer to the stage than orchestra seats.

Are balcony seats good for symphony?

Balcony seats tend to be quite high, but they might be the best choice for those on a budget. However, you may be better off with front balcony seats than rear mezzanines, especially in older theaters like the Lyceum, the Belasco and the Shubert.

Are balcony seats worth it Broadway?

In most theaters, balcony seats are the furthest away and are usually the cheapest Broadway tickets. In theaters with a balcony and no mezzanine, these are usually excellent seats. In cinemas with two tiers, mezzanine seats are always the better seats.

Why are orchestra seats cheaper?

Most people want to sit in the middle, fewer people want to sit on the sides, far forward, or far back. So seats in the middle are more expensive and seats on the sides, front and back are cheaper. However, this assumes you want a default view, sound, and experience at the symphony.

Which seat is the best in concert?

If you can get a seat a few feet from the stage, you’ll have a great view, but the sound won’t be ideal. Typically, the loudspeakers are located at the side of the stage and are aimed at the center of the venue. When you are in front, the best sound is directed behind you.

Is balcony or floor better for concert?

The balcony offers great views and seating. It just depends on the experience you are looking for. If you want to be in the middle of the action, choose the GA floor. If you want a bird’s eye view and a seat, go to the balcony.

Are orchestra pit seats good?

over a year ago. The seating in the pit is fantastic. It’s actually better for someone smaller than taller for knee room. You can definitely see the stage and event with the best view.

What is the best way to choose seats in a theatre?

For the best seat in a movie theater, sit in the center about two-thirds from the front so you’re viewing the screen at about a 38 degree angle. Buy your tickets in advance and go to a theater where you can choose your seats for the best viewing experience.

Where do the best players sit in an orchestra?

The most experienced musician sits in the first chair of each section and plays all the solo parts for that instrument. The next best player would sit in the second chair and the least skilled musician would sit in the last chair of his or her section.

Are front orchestra seats good?

The best seats in the orchestra are those that are most central and a few rows from the front.

Where’s the best place to sit at a Broadway show?

The best seats are at least 4 or 5 rows center back to about the 12th row. Most of the seats in the front mezzanine (up to 6 rows in the back) are also quite good.

Is main floor or balcony better?

The ground floor is good, but if you get the seats in the first few rows you can see the whole stage from the balcony. over a year ago. As in many theatres, I like the first three rows of the balcony. So if your seats are that close together I would say balcony.

Which is better mezzanine or balcony?

The mezzanine is different from the balcony – it’s lower and closer to the stage (and front mezzanine seats are generally the same price as orchestra seats, while balcony seats are usually the cheapest).

How do you get the best spot at a concert?

Check for tickets in advance

Finding the right deal on concert tickets can often come down to timing. If you want to grab the best seats and see your favorite act, it’s important to look for tickets ahead of time. This gives you a better chance of finding the cheapest tickets.

Are concert floor seats worth it?

There is no definite answer as to whether floor seats are worth the money or not. It all depends on the concert goer and what is important to them when it comes to a concert experience. If your idea of ​​fun is being near the artist, listening to loud music and dancing with a large crowd, then the floor seats are worth it.

Is standing at a concert better than sitting?

It really depends on the show and your preferences. Some shows will be fully seated and others, like many pop concerts, will have stand-up options. Standing is a good option if you like to dance and move, which isn’t really possible in the sitting area.

Is dress circle better than orchestra?

I will always choose Orchestra over Dress Circle. The main reason for this is that the dress circle in the Lyric is very far from the stage, so even from row C onwards you feel a bit too far back for my taste. Ultimately, Cursed Child is a 5.5 hour family drama with some great visuals.



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