Is Miko Mitama Good?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 1, 2022

Her ranged ability ensures her attacks cover a wide area and also hit most enemies on the field for decent damage. She’s also very massive against enemies with traits; This, combined with her 15 knockbacks, allows her to stay alive for a very long time. Mitama isn’t perfect, of course.

What is the best Cat in Battle Cats?

What is the slowest enemy in battle cats?

enemy. THE SLOTH is one of the slowest enemy units in the game in terms of speed and attack rate, but it can deal up to 8,000 damage to multiple cat units.

What are the best Ubers in Battle Cats?

How much damage does Gothic Mitama do?

Should I True Form Kasa Jizo?

Unfortunately, this means there is little point in gaining your True Form; but if you do, it’s not a bad idea, since Jizo’s Mega Castle attack cooldown is reduced, gaining more health and more range at the cost of a multi-hit attack.

Is Ninja cat better than Axe Cat?

Ninja is faster, attacks faster. I’ve found that Ax’s attack increases faster, but at lower levels her damage per shot is the same; However, Ninja’s faster attack rate makes up for this. Ninja’s health is slightly lower, but Ax’s is higher only due to his higher max level.

How do you beat bore?

Bore can push easily, so a strong front line is required. Use three or four meat shields and hold the front line while your other cats destroy him. In its first appearances, this enemy can be difficult to stop without anti-red units that inflict status effects.

How do you beat Brollow?

High hits per second is very bad against them, but strong single hits from semi-spammable, bulky, and hard-hitting cats like Jamiera Cat, Cameraman Cat, Island Cat, and Crazed Whale Cat works well against small groups of Brollows.

Who has the most HP in Battle cats?

Who is the best elemental pixie?

What is the weakest uber rare in Battle cats?

Papaluga is the worst non-limited Uber in the game, and even with limited stuff, it’s probably STILL the worst.

Is Baby GAO good in Battle cats?

He’s extremely versatile and there aren’t many situations where he’s not useful, although characterless enemies aren’t his specialty. With around 5,200 DPS at level 30, he still does a lot of damage to characterless opponents.

Is Kasa Jizo the best cat?

The only thing Jizo isn’t that good at is enemies like Sunfish Jones because of their massive range, but even then he’s still good for taking him down because he has massive damage against him. But with all these things listed, Jizo is good at everything but outstanding at nothing, and that’s why he’s so good.

Which Mitama is better Battle Cats?

Miko Mitama is usually much better in evolved form, but her normal form isn’t terrible either, as she’s basically a more defense-oriented medalist cat.

What is the best super rare cat in Battle Cats?

Supercats are the rarest of all cats available in the game, and they can have quite unique abilities. They are also extremely strong, far superior to other cat types in terms of strength.



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