Is Kings of Leon Broken Up?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 11, 2022

Kings Of Leon have denied splitting up after canceling gigs on their US tour for two months. Drummer Nathan Followill tweeted to confirm the rockers have no plans for a breakup. He wrote: “We just need some rest.

Is Kings of Leon together?

Popular rock band Kings of Leon have announced they are canceling their upcoming shows as the band members – who are all related – are dealing with a family emergency.

Did Kings of Leon get back together?

After a four-year hiatus – including a delay due to COVID-19 – the Nashville family band is back with their eighth album. For Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill, inspiration usually strikes around the same time: after the holidays, off the road, at home in Nashville. “It’s just something weird that hits me…

Why did Kings of Leon stop?

Kings of Leon have canceled their US tour due to reports of problems within the band. The cancellation comes three days after frontman Caleb Followill left the stage during a show in Dallas, Texas. He said he was unable to sing due to “heat exhaustion and dehydration”.

When did Kings of Leon break up?

On 23. August 2012 When asked if it was the end of “Kings of Leon” with Smoke & Jackal announced, with Jared saying, “Not even close. Working on album six very soon.” Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill confirmed the band have finished recording their sixth LP, which NME says is due out in September.

What happened to Kings Of Leons mom?

The Followill brothers announced they were canceling a number of shows to spend their mother’s final hours following a “medical crisis”. Betty Ann unfortunately died overnight. My heart is broken. My beautiful mother and my biggest fan passed from this life to the next.

Is Kings of Leon touring in 2021?

Why is Matthew Followill not on tour?

Guitarist Matthew Followill, cousin of brothers Caleb, Nathan and Jared Followill, has just had a new baby with his wife Johanna and will therefore not be joining his bandmates on their upcoming tour. “During this special time, Matt has chosen to be home with his family,” the Kings wrote in an Instagram post.

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Who is supporting Kings of Leon 2022?

supported by The Snuts & The Vaccines*

Kings of Leon have announced a new tour in support of the band’s eighth studio album and sixth consecutive UK number one album When You See Yourself, due out in March 2021 is published. The band will perform at The O2 on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd July 2022.

Are Kings of Leon working on a new album?

It’s going to be great. Stay tuned in,” Jared Followill said in the 19-second clip. The Kings of Leon, made up of brothers Jared, Caleb, Nathan Followill and their cousin Matthew Followill, are ready to make their comeback by performing since their latest Song new music release album released in March 2021.

Is Kings of Leon touring in 2022?

Kings of Leon will not be playing anywhere near your current location – but they will be playing 14 concerts in 7 countries in 2022-2023.



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