Is It Rude to Say Likewise?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 21, 2022

“Likewise” is more formal. So if you mean polite in terms of etiquette, protocol or good old-fashioned dignity, go with likewise.

Can I respond with likewise?

Likewise can also be used to mean something like “me too” or “the same thing you just said.” When used this way, it’s typically used by itself as a one-word response to a statement. For example, if someone says, “It was nice you meet you,” you could simply reply, “Likewise!”

Is it professional to say likewise?

Closed 6 years ago. Last evening in my communication class, we had some discussion. In that discussion I used the word likewise in a sentence. But they said using likewise in a sentence anywhere is not professional or it is informal if we use likewise in a sentence.

What does it mean when a person says likewise?

When someone does something likewise, they do it the same way someone else did it. Sometimes people say “likewise” to mean that they’re saying the same thing someone else just said. I used one of the little spoons to eat my soup, and my friend did likewise.

Can you say likewise when someone says good luck?

Bill: Good luck!/You too!/Thanks!/ Likewise!/You’re the one who needs luck!/Thanks, I’ll need it! The exact reply depends on your relationship with the person and how confident they are of winning. The ‘safe’ answer is to repeat “Good luck!” or to say “You too!” or similar.

Is likewise a good response to Nice to meet you?

Most formal is “Pleased to meet you too”, polite is “nice to meet you too” or friendly is “likewise”.

What is another word for likewise?

Can you use likewise in academic writing?

You can certainly use “likewise” anywhere it fits and there is no reason why you can’t also use the word “also” in an academic paper.

Can I say likewise to Happy New Year?

‘ You could say ; “And also to you“, or “You too, thank you” or Happy new year too.

What can we say instead of same to you?

Can you answer likewise to have a good day?

It’s actually neither a wish nor a question but a simple greeting and can in fact be replied to with “Hi!” At least where I have lived, “Same to you” or “Likewise” would be an odd response; we do reply “Same to you!” or “You, too!” when someone says, “Have a nice [or good] day!”

How is likewise used in a sentence?

Likewise sentence example. Grateful to him, she was likewise anxious to leave the island before the beast returned and flew off the handle. Their expenditure is likewise classed as obligatory and optional. You’ve gone so far as to eliminate some of the enemies who likewise stumbled across her.

What’s an example of likewise?

Likewise definition

In the same manner. Likewise is defined as in addition, also or in a similar manner. An example of likewise is, “He is also an excellent athlete.” An example of likewise is, “They will go to both parties, just as we will attend the communion first and then the wedding.”

Can I start a sentence with likewise?

Do not begin a sentence with “also” or “likewise.” Or never begins a sentence, paragraph, or chapter. Never begin a sentence—or a clause—with also. Teach the elimination of but, so, and, because, at the beginning of a sentence.

How do you respond to a flirty compliment?

Is it rude to say same to you?

No. It’s quite common in English to respond “Same to you!” if someone, for example, makes a rude gesture at you. If someone greets you with “Good morning,” it’s best to respond with a “Thanks, same to you,” if you’re going to use “same to you.”



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