Is It Correct to Say Hence Why?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 6, 2022

The phrase “hence why” is grammatically inappropriate. “Therefore” simply means “from now on or in the future”. It could also be used to mean “as a result” or “because of this”. Therefore, you cannot use “why” next to the word “therefore”.

Is it wrong to say hence why?

Therefore means “as a consequence” or “for that reason” or even “therefore”, so “therefore why” in this context is not grammatically correct since you’re saying the lines ‘that is why why’.

Why do people use hence why?

The therefore in both cases means therefore and it’s like saying why should anyone care. In both cases, the why is the beginning of the next sentence and is irrelevant.

Can I start a sentence with hence why?

Can a sentence begin with the word “therefore”? Yes, as long as it is used correctly and is directly followed by a comma. So when is used at the beginning of a sentence, it establishes a relationship between the rest of the sentence and the previous sentence.

How do you use Hence in a sentence?

Is there a comma after hence why?

However, there is another, more common meaning of “therefore”, which replaces a verb but is not itself a clause and is always separated from the rest of the sentence by a comma: Our server was down, hence the delay in response. The chemicals cause the rain to become acidic, hence the term “acid rain”.

What’s another word for that’s why?

therefore; for this reason; for this reason; from there.

How do you say this is why?

Which is why in a sentence?

Therefore, a subordinate clause is introduced (which does not form a separate clause): Motorcycles are dangerous, so we should wear helmets. The company went bankrupt, which is why their new building is unfinished.

What is the synonym of hence?

On this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idioms and related words for hence, like: therefore, therefore, accordingly, therefore, therefore, henceforth, henceforth, ergo, forward and since .

What is hence in grammar?

1 : from this place : away. 2a archaic : henceforth. b : from this time in four years. 3 : because of a prior fact or premise : therefore.

How do you write hence?

Can I end a sentence with hence?

You could say “The changes made will be detailed in a week”. Writing “has been detailed” means that the detailing happened in the past, even if it’s later in the document (which I think the author is trying to imply), so those are two reasons “therefore” should. are not used.



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