Is Hina a Boy Name?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 14, 2022

Hina is a female name.

What is Hina short for?

Is Hina an Islamic name?

Hina is an Arabic/Muslim girl name and the meaning of this name is “henna, a shrub, fragrance”.

Is Hina a Hindu name?

Hina is a girl name and is of Native American origin. People with the name Hina are mainly of Hindu religion. Rashi named Hina is Karka and Nakshatra is Punarvasu. More details about baby name Hina.

Is Hinata a boy or a girl name?

Is Hina a unisex name?

Hina is a female name.

What is Hina in English?

/hinā/ nf. mehndi uncountable noun. Mehndi is the use of paste made from the henna plant to make designs on the skin.

What does Hina mean in Spanish?

HYNA is a slang word widely used in the US Latino community to refer to a “girl”. It is an Anglicization of the Latin American Spanish word “Jaina”. In this context, HYNA is most commonly used in US-Mexican-American circles. It can be used pejoratively to refer to a girl or admiringly to refer to a pretty girl.

What does Hina mean in Islam?

Hina is a Muslim girl name. The name Hina means henna leaves.

Is Hina a good name?

Hina is a name synonymous with a freedom-loving and free-spirited person. Nothing is conventional with your love of change and adventure. You make sensible decisions very quickly, especially in a dangerous or difficult situation.

What is the meaning of Heena in Islam?

In Muslim baby names, the meaning of the name Heena is: Henna. Myrtle.

Is Hajime a female name?

The name Hajime is mainly a male given name of Japanese origin and means first, one, beginning.

What is the Japanese name for Moon?

The Japanese word for moon is 月 (tsuki) and the kanji for it is actually a pictogram of a crescent moon hidden behind the clouds (those two lines).

Is Sakura a word?

Sakura (桜 (Kanji), 櫻 (old Kanji), さくら (Hiragana), サクラ (Katakana)) is the Japanese term for decorative church flower gardens and their flowers. Sakura can also be called: Sakura, red meat, usually served as Sashimi named Basashi.

Is Hina a word?

HINA is not a valid Scrabble word.

What does Hina mean in Urdu?

The name Hina is a famous Muslim baby name that is often preferred by parents. The name Hina means “henna leaves”. The name Hina means “مہندی کی پتی” in Urdu.

What does Hina mean in Tagalog?

Definition for the Tagalog word hina:

hinà [noun] weakness; Softness.



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