Is Gassymexican and Renee Still Together?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 10, 2022

Renee and (Max) GassyMexican have worked together before. But on March 18, 2015 they announced that they are no longer together but they ended a good relationship and will continue to play and stream together.

Why did GassyMexican leave the creatures?

Removed from Creatures

On November 17, 2012, he was removed from Creatures due to differences between him, Danz, and Kootra. They discussed it with the other creatures and a vote was taken; In the end it was decided that Max would no longer be part of the group.

Is GassyMexican Mexican?

Where is Kootra now?

He has quit YouTube entirely and is currently as the lead designer for Predator: Hunting Grounds at IllFonic.

Where is Chilledchaos from?

Chilled Chaos is an American gaming YouTuber from New York. He is known for his devilish personality, especially when playing games like TTT, Prop Hunt and more.

Who is Curvyllama dating?

He has been confirmed to be dating Ziggy (as of October 2021).



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