Is Fishing Worth It Persona 4?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 19, 2022

Fishing is required for the final quest in the Hermit Social Link, and boy does it take a lot of preparation. For the purposes of the link, you don’t need to fish at all before starting the quest, and even if you do, you only need to catch 2 fish.

What does fish do in Persona 4?

Fishing the Samegawa in Persona 4. The protagonist can spend their time fishing in the Samegawa Floodplain. He can gain access to the mini-game by speaking to the old man overlooking the riverbed starting May 1st.

How do I get a better fishing rod in Persona 4?

Feed one of these bugs from your inventory to the merchant’s fish to get the fishing hook. The next step is getting a rod. Bring the fishing hook to the man on the river bank in the Samegawa Flood Plain. For this you will be rewarded with the staff.

How do you catch the big fish in Persona 4?

Go back to the old man at the riverbank and he will challenge you to catch the Samegawa Guardian. To catch this fish you need the Inaba Jewel Bug as bait, which you can catch at Tatsuhime Shrine or in your garden during winter. You can only catch the fish when it’s raining or snowing!

Should you eat the fried rice Persona 4?

There is also a fridge in the kitchen that you can open and find fried rice. Select “Eat it.” Possibility. Nothing happens, but you can search for food on certain days and eat that food to increase courage. When you look at the kitchen, you immediately notice how clean and organized it is.

Does catching bugs take time p4g?

Fishing kills the time, bugs don’t catch.

Can you catch the sea guardian?

To catch the Sea Guardian yourself, you need the Genji Beetle‘ lure. You can purchase 2 of these bugs on August 22 (8/22) from Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities, or just catch them like the other bugs.

How do I get sea guardian Persona 4?

Catch the Sea Guardian in Persona 4 Golden

To get to the beach, choose “take a long drive” three times to arrive at the beach. Here the player can catch the Sea Guardian. The player must have the Genji Beetle Bait. Players can purchase this bait on 8/22. buy at Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities.

How do you get a red goldfish in Persona 4 Golden?

Getting the Red Goldfish in Persona 4 Golden

Breadcrumbs are used for fishing and can help attract the Red Goldfish specifically at the Samegawa Riverside.

How do you get orange smash in Persona 4?

After school. After school, you can turn in a can of Orange Smash at the shrine to receive a Tatsuhime Ladybug. (You can find Orange Smash in the working vending machine in the Central Shopping District, South.)

Does Persona 5 have fishing?

To unlock the ability to fish, players must first read a specific book called the Fishpond Spotter. Alternatively, players can wait for an invitation from Ryuji to unlock the fishing area and mini-game.

When can you catch sea guardian?

To catch the Sea Warden, you must have Genji Bugs as bait and have caught the River Warden. It usually spawns on a rainy day at the beach and if you don’t get the splash animation, reel your rod back in and keep trying. This way you won’t lose your bait.

What do you feed the cat Persona 4?

This cat only appears when it’s not raining and will eat fish caught while fishing or purchased from Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities. Feed it once and return to the quest giver to complete this quest.

What does making lunch do p4g?

In Persona 4 Golden, you can make yourself packed lunches after Nanako starts shopping for ingredients. Preparing these meals allows you to spend more time with your friends and build better social connections.

What is the best omelette to make for Nanako?

Omelette with fried rice… Excellent choice, Nanako-chan. With a dish this simple, I doubt we’ll get a second helping of Mystery Food X.

What can you wrap sushi Persona 4?

How do I get butterfly net Persona 4?

Sometime after early June, return to the shrine at night to find a Woman in White. She will first ask for a goldfish. If you don’t have it, she’ll ask you if you knew there was a bug-catching net on the shrine’s roof. Answer “Yes” to get the net!

How do you catch a bug at night?

How do I get bread crumbs in Persona 4?

Take this ladybug to the Shiroku Pub at night and talk to the lady. She will mention the ladybug so go ahead and give her the bug. Then she will proceed to feed her fish which will provide the fishing hook she is looking for. She will also give you breadcrumbs, which will come in very handy when fishing.

How do I get a Samegawa guardian?

The Guardian of the Samegawa is simply called the Guardian in game. The fish can be caught on rainy days or any day in December. To catch the fish, you’ll need the Inaba Jewel Bug Bait, which you can acquire in early August or, more commonly, later in the game by catching bugs at Tatsuhime Shrine.



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