Is Deedee Smarter Than Dexter?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 16, 2022

Dee Dee really is a lot smarter than she seems, Dee Dee really is a smart girl and she’s smart enough to know that when Dexter stops coming out of his lab often and see the world, he will have wasted his life trapped in his laboratory.

Who is smarter Dexter and mandark?

Upon their first meeting, Mandark proved that he was far smarter than Dexter and even won the affections of Dexter’s beloved teachers.

How much older is Dee Dee than Dexter?

The ages of Dexter and Dee Dee are said to be nebulous. Although Tartakovsky has indicated that Dexter should be around six to eight years old and that Dee Dee is “a few years older“, he also emphasized that he would “never” want to give Dexter’s exact age.

How smart is Dexter from Dexter’s laboratory?

Dexter is the main character and protagonist of Dexter’s Laboratory. He’s a genius boy who has a secret lab. His intelligence makes him the brains of the family and he is one of the world’s greatest inventors who has created countless weird and amazing machines and experiments.

What accent is Dexter?

Dexter’s accent comes from Genndy Tartakovsky’s CalArts roommate Rob Renzetti, who left voicemails for Tartakovsky with a comedic French accent. Traces of Russian and German accents were also added. Season 3’s plot is based on stories from DC’s Dexter’s Laboratory comic book series.

Who would win Jimmy Neutron or Dexter?

Yes Dexter would definitely take that. He makes absolutely more absurd inventions than Jimmy could even dream of. And Jimmy can only “brain blast” so much. And for one final kick in the teeth, Dexter is an even better prodigy than Jimmy.

Why is mandark called Susan?

He tried to befriend Dexter, but Dexter laughed at him because he was dressed like a girl and went by the name Susan. Susan was so angry that she made fun of him that he decided to become an evil genius named Mandark.

What does Dexter always say to DeeDee?

She’s always hanging around his lab that she walks into, poking around at all his electronics. Her catchphrase is, “Oh! What does this button do?” before pressing a red button in his lab. Dexter’s line is: “DeeDee, no!”

What is Dee Dee’s real name?

Why was Dexter’s Lab Cancelled?

The episode was banned worldwide due to swearing and the title card showing Dee Dee pointing the middle finger and Dexter teasing the audience. This episode was screened at the 1998 World Animation Celebration.

Is Dexter Morgan a genius?

Dexter Morgan was definitely a tactical genius, eschewing intelligent villains like the Trinity Killer, Jordan Chase, and the Doomsday Killer, among others. In addition to Dexter, the series had a number of characters billed as part of the main cast.

Is Dexter a Virgo?

Gemini: Dexter Morgan

Dexter Morgan is an elegant monster, and he’s also a complicated twin, being constantly at war with himself through his dark passenger.< /p>

What is Dexter’s full name?

Dexter Morgan is a fictional character introduced as the antihero protagonist of the Dexter book series and television series written by Jeff Lindsay.

How tall is Dexter Morgan?

Dexter is 5’11” (according to his driver’s license), weighs approximately 175 pounds, is physically fit and exercises regularly.

What color are Dexter’s eyes?

Is Dexter adopted?

Adoption. Although Dexter was adopted at the age of three, he wasn’t officially adopted until he was about seven. His foster father, Harry Morgan, came one day while he was playing with his younger foster sister, DebraMorgan, to present him with a birth certificate stating he was Morgan.

What is Jimmy Neutrons IQ?

Characterized by his distinctive gravity-defying hairstyle and ridiculously high IQ of 210,

Neutron is recognized as one of the smartest people in Retroville.

How tall is mandark?

Does mandark have a sister?

Lalavava (real name: Olga Astronomonov) is an evil and brutal little girl who was Dee Dee’s rival, Mandark’s little sister and second-born lovechild of Oceanbird and Windbear. She only appeared in the episode Dee Dee’s Rival. Like her brother, she is voiced by Eddie Deezen.

Who is mandark in Dexter’s Laboratory?

As an overlord. In his past, Overlord Mandark was Executive Mandark, the head of The Corporation who treated his employees like slaves and loved tormenting his most hated former adversary number 12, also known as Dexter’s adult self .



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